Portable Devastro 1.65

Software, Portable. October 14, 2010 by Muawia.

Portable Devastro 1.65
PC | Windows | EN | Catnap Games | 29 Mb
Genre: Action, Arcade, Strategy

It's time to teach them a lesson they'll never forget. You will command a small squad of troops who are eager to meet all kinds of extra-terrestrial lifeforms... and kill them.
Devastro is, at its core, a level-based top-down shooter in which you control a squad of soldiers destroying ETs and blowing up their UFOs. Your soldiers level-up during play (in RPG fashion, and you may find yourself replaying a level in order to avoid the death of a character you've worked to upgrade); main weapons are guns and grenades, though you get to control some cool vehicles in later levels.
The combat is rarely as intense as in frenetic overhead shooters like Crimsonland or RIP, but Devastro has something those games lack: actual humor. It seems the Army isn't too keen on acknowledging the existence of UFOs, though it understands the importance of wiping out the alien invaders. The story is carried through a series of comic-book-like cut scenes at various points in the game, and is amusing enough to keep you engaged and eager to wipe out those evil enemy saucers Sir! That don't exist. Yes Sir! Ready for deniable action Sir!
Blast the aliens with grenades, crush them with cars and tanks or mow them down with the good old-fashioned ∞ ammo machine guns.
Your troops get promoted for each completed mission - make sure they survive and in the next level they will react and shoot faster & more accurately.
Sometimes team work is essential. Order your troops to guard an area and go scout the surroundings. Then strike with all the firepower you have.

Game features:
Over 50 levels of action
Cars and tanks
New mission objectives
New enemies to exterminate
Three different sceneries
Tons of witty remarks by the troops
Tricks & traps
A grand finale that you must see!

Widescreen support.
Support for running on 64-bit Windows.
Game launcher, allows you to select video mode (windowed/fullscreen/widescreen) and enter registration information.
Crash reporting back on.
Updated support libraries. LWJGL 2.5.
The Windows version no longer includes a bundled JRE. This means you need to have Java installed to run the game. To install Java, go to java.com.

System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
900 MHz
128 MB RAM


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