PixelGenius PhotoKit Color 2.1.4 for Adobe Photoshop

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PixelGenius PhotoKit Color 2.1.4 for Adobe Photoshop | 15 MB

Pixel Genius PhotoKit Color - plug-in offers a wide range of effects, including split-toning and cross processing. The kit also includes the possibility of strengthening and adjusting the individual color images - you can make skin tones less red or lighter. Strengthening the blue will get darker and contrast the sky with clouds, and using a special gray balance (RSA Gray Balance), you can automatically remove a color tint from almost any image. All PhotoKit Color Effects create a new (-s) layer (-s) and leave the original image untouched, so there is always room for creative experimentation. In addition PhotoKit Color never changes the information attached to the original image. In the plug-in for Adobe Photoshop been added capabilities of precision color correction, automatic adjustment of color balance and use creative color effects. Filters are optimized for use with color spaces, Adobe RGB, ColorMatch feature PhotoKit Color has a new preview window. Now, applying to the image of any effect, you can see a preview of the result before you confirm the selection. Moreover - the effect may be not one but several different, combined together in one operation. A large number of new filters, including an infrared filter, sunny color, the possibility of replacing the local color and tone, will handle photos with ease and pleasure.

Effects available in PhotoKit Color:
Film Effects - mimic the color and contrast different films of different sensitivities;
Cross Processing - 14 different cross-processing (eg, Film development process slide film in C-41, intended for color negatives) or the effect of infrared color film;
Color Overlay - 9 sound effects that simulate colored Photo Filters;
Split Toning - split-toning, then a touch up highlights one and dark - a different color. This module is assembled 12 effects to work with color or black and white image;
Special Effects - will simulate a fine, or, conversely, an overcast day, the use of infrared film, etc. Tone Enhance - changing the exposure and contrast of the image, 12 effects;
Dodge Tone and Burn Tone - provides a local change of tone;
Color Enhance - enhancement and correction of individual color images, 14 filters;
CC Correction - include 18 effects that simulate the cold / warm compensating photo filters (for example, when shooting on film balanced for daylight illumination from fluorescent lamps);
CT Correction - a rough correction tsveovoy temperature picture repeats the effect of 5 orange / warming and 5 blue / cooling filters;
RSA Gray Balance - module automatically corrects white balance. 3 Effects of varying speed and resistance.

Information about the program:
-Title: PixelGenius PhotoKit Color
-Version: 2.1.4
-Year: 2010
-Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
-Language: english
-Medicine: crack


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