Photoshop with Matt Kloskowski DVDRip Tutorials 2011 Full

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Photoshop with Matt Kloskowski DVDRip Tutorials 2011 Full
English | 640x480 - 179 kbps | 23.976 fps | 4:3 | 108 kbps - 44.1 khz | 1.24GB
Genre: Video Training

Matt Kloskowski, education and curriculum developer for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, takes you step-by-step through Photoshop's features in this series of screencast-based tutorials that reveal techniques the professionals use.
For Windows and Mac. See course outline on next page.

01.How To Use Smart Filters in Adobe Photoshop
03.Vanishing Point Filter Improvements
04.Move Those Palettes!
05.From Lightroom to Photoshop
06.How to Use Bridge Loupe View
07.Using Camera Raw Recovery Slider
08.Using Photoshop Quick Selection Tool
09.Using Lens Correction
10.Using the Script Events Manager
11.Using The New, Improved Curves Tool
12.Using Photoshop New Black and White Adjustment
13.Using the Clone Source Palette
14.Smart Objects & Adobe Photoshop
15.Using Camera Raw Smart Objects
16.Resizing Images in Photoshop
17.Using the Refine Edges Dialog
18.Top 10 Lightroom Features
19.How to Use Adobe Camera Raw Clarity Slider
20.Using Smart Filters with the Shadow-Highlight Adjustment
21.How To Use Photoshop's PDF Presentation tool
22.A New Way to Flatten
23.How to Use Bridge's Slideshow Feature
24.How to Use the Script Menu with Layer Comps
25.How to Create Lab Color Presets
26.How to Use Photoshop Auto Align Tool
27.How to Create the Ray of Light Effect
28.Using a Grid
29.How to Create the Breakout Effect
30.How to Create Patterns in Photoshop
31.How to Add Text on Top of Photos
32.How to Use the Filter Panel in Bridge
33.How to Add a Brushed Border
34.How to Fix Chromatic Aberrations
35.Blending Photos Together
36.An Overview of Blend Modes - Part 1
37.An Overview of Blend Modes - Part 2
38.Using the Volume Browser in Lightroom
39.Lightroom Quick Tips
40.Grid View in Bridge
41.Photoshop Camera Raw Vignette Tip
42.Matt Kloskowski's Reasons to Upgrade to Photoshop
43.Restoring Torn Photos
44.Pro Sports Background
45.Ghosted Man Effect
46.Color Balancing Multiple Parts of a Photo
47.Background Blur
48.On Image Controls
50.Double Processing in Camera Raw
51.New Content Aware Scaling Feature
52.Rich Black and Whites
53.Cloning with a Preview
54.High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR), Part 1
55.Quick Portrait Thinning
56.High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR), Part 2
57.Removing Distortion from Wide-Angle Photos
58.Hue-Saturation Dialog
59.Edge Vignettes the Right Way
60.Automatically Make Your Photos Look Better in Camera Raw
61.Removing Dark Circles Under the Eyes
62.Sharpening Workflow, Part 1
63.Sharpening Workflow, Part 2
64.Sharpening Workflow, Part 3
65.Adjustment Brush 101
66.Enhancing Symmetry in Your Photos
67.sRGB vs. Adobe RGB
68.Removing Dust & Speckles from Old Photos
69.Faking a Panorama in Photoshop
70.Brightness vs. Exposure
71.Evening Out Skin Tones
72.Creating Taped Edges

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