Peter Quint Houdini Video Tutorials

Tutorial & e-learning. May 3, 2010 by Neit84.
Peter Quint Houdini Video Tutorials

Peter Quint's Houdini Video Tutorials | 2.14 GB
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This contains project files for my tutorials on vimeo - in the Project Files directory available on the left.It also contains the vimeo tutorials in categorised by subject - see the links on the left. Of course it's not always straightforward to categorise videos which cover several subjects, so the boundaries are not rigid.For all of these tutorials some basic knowledge of Houdini is assumed - at a minimum having mastered all the introductory videos that come as part of the 'Start Here' help.
Its worth checking the Vimeo description of each of the videos (which is accessible once you've linked through to the video on Vimeo) for dependencies between the videos - obviously the videos that come in a numbered series are best watched in order - but also some series are best watched after other, more basic, videos. The Vimeo description will point this out. The comments posted on the videos also often clarify some issues, and point out where errors have crept into the tutorial.
Year: 2009
Language: English

Despite the small resolution video, all is well in sight.
Videos on the Basics

Polygons I
Polygons II
Attributes II
Attributes III
Attributes I
Volumes I
Volumes II
Volumes III
ForEach I
ForEach II
ForEach III
Surface Shader I
Surface Shader II
Surface Shader III
Surface Shader IV
Surface Shader: Update
Basics: Coordinate Systems

Videos on SOPs
Videos on SOPs
Turbulent Trails I
Turbulent Trails II
Refining the Trails Effect I
Refining the Trails Effect II
Videos on Rendering
Videos on Rendering
Motion Blur I
Motion Blur II
Exporting Light Passes
Creating a Glow Effect I
Creating a Glow Effect II
Depth of Field
Global Illumination I
Global Illumination II
Global Illumination III
Global Illumination IV
Physically Based Rendering I
Physically Based Rendering II
Physically Based Rendering III
Physically Based Rendering IV
Zdepth Passes
Caustics I
Caustics II
Caustics III
Basics: Mantra
Shading: Illuminance
Videos on Particles
Videos on Particles
Flying Letters I
Flying Letters II
Particles I
Particles II
Particles III
Light Instancing
Point Clouds I
Point Clouds II
Videos on Dynamics
Videos on Dynamics
Brickwall I
Brickwall II
Brickwall III
Brickwall IV
Creating a Wet Map I
Creating a Wet Map II
Creating a Wet Map III
Creating a Wet Map IV
SOP Solver I
SOP Solver II
SOP Solver III
SOP Solver IV
DOPs / Keyframes I
DOPs / Keyframes II
DOPs / Keyframes III
DOPs / Keyframes IV
Videos on CHOPS
Videos on CHOPS
CHOPs and Music Driven Animation III
CHOPs and Music Driven Animation I
CHOPs and Music Driven Animation II
CHOPs Animation II
CHOPs Animation I
Video Codec: MPEG4 Another
Video: High@L3.1, 390 Kbps, 640x360 (16:9) at 10.000 fps
Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, 109 Kbps

Peter Quint Houdini Video Tutorials




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