Paul Janka : Beyond The Digits

Tutorial & e-learning. May 22, 2011 by sputnik.
Paul Janka : Beyond The Digits

Paul Janka : Beyond The Digits
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Maybe you’d be dating SEVERAL girls at once. Taking one out to the movies, another out to dinner, or maybe one is just dropping by for a little "play time." Or maybe you'd like to meet enough girls in order to find that really cool girlfriend that you've ALWAYS wanted. You know the smart, funny, s*xy girl that makes all your buddies jealous? Or maybe you’d like to find the woman you can spend your life with. In very short order, after applying my system, you can have an abundance of attractive women in your life who are calling you, having s*x with you, and who are begging to be your girlfriend. If you apply my techniques, you can (if you so desire) have 4 or 5 little honeys who want to come over and drop their knickers ANY night of the week...
DVD #1: Foundations
Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Elevator Pick-Up
3. Agenda
4. Origins
5. Myth of the PUA
6. Tunnel Vision
• See exactly what an effective pick-up looks like and what I consider to be the key components, all broken down, step by step. This is what you should strive for. (Disk 1:2)
• We talk about what is covered, how the material is broken down and how to put it into effective practice. (Disk 1:3)
• Learn how I went from an average guy (with little to no success with women) to a guy who has got thousands of numbers and slept with hundreds of women. (Disk 1:4)
• We'll break down what I consider to be an extremely harmful MYTH that is circulating around our society, and why it is harmful to your self-confidence. (Disk 1:5)
• Learn how to take the blinders off and meet 10 TIMES more women during your DAILY routine than you could EVER meet at a bar. (Disk 1:6)

DVD #2: Psychology
Table of Contents:
1. Divine Right
2. The Theme of Penetration
3. What is a Man?
4. Myth of Passive Game
5. Mojo
6. What is a Woman?
7. My Territory
8. Selection
9. Communication Mechanics
• Become calm and collected when talking to even EXTREMELY attractive women when you learn this. You'll learn feel completely at EASE when engaging women that are 9's and 10's. (Disk 2:1)
• Create a clear S*XUAL dynamic with women. Knowing this will help you AVOID the friend zone, avoid ambiguity, and help you know what you need to do to achieve a s*xual outcome. (Disk 2:2)
• Develop the characteristics of a powerful, persuasive & dominant man. And why women are craving this type of man in today's society. (Disk 2:3)
• Tools to achieve masculine alignment. When you’re fully aligned, not only will you be able to work towards your personal and professional goals with less effort and less friction, but women will be drawn to you. (Disk 2:3)
• Fill up your phone with numbers, and have multiple dates on a weekly basis. When you put this principle to use, your social calendar will fill up in little to no time. You'll be able to hang out with women whenever you choose. (Disk 2:4)
• Develop MOJO. You'll learn to make great eye contact with girls, and create a warm healthy affectionate vibe. There will be NO hindering thoughts, just pure connection, and s*xual attraction. (Disk 2:5)
• How to meet, connect and sleep with lots of women using a SYSTEMATIC approach. The power of a system is that you know it works and it's something you can rely on. It will allow you to track and measure you're social progress with women. (Disk 2:6)
• Pick up women with ease. When you develop your own territories for picking up women, you’ll be able to create a POWERFUL first impression. (Disk 2:7)
• How to date SUPER-HOT women. There are SUBTLE things that you need to be aware of, that I’m going to show you exactly what to do for so that you can practically DOUBLE your chances of success. (Disk 2:8)
• Mechanics of social interactions. These are SPECIFIC principles that operate during an interaction with a woman. And when you really MASTER the mechanics of communication during a pick up, it will make getting her number and AFTERTHOUGHT. (Disk 2:9)

DVD #3: Approaching
Table of Contents:
1. Communication Mechanics
2. Pull the S*x Forward
3. Assume Familiarity
4. Movie Trailer Concept
• Get girls to welcome your approaches. She may not even initially know it’s a pick up, and then you turn it ever so gracefully, it into a ROMANTIC possibility. (Disk 3:1)
• Make women look at you with respect, desire, and lust. You’ll never have a woman look at you as just a co-worker, just a friend, or just a random guy. (Disk 3:2)
• Say goodbye to the friend zone FOREVER. (Disk 3:2)
• Learn to flawlessly engage very attractive women. You’ll find it EASY to fall into a relaxed conversation with a woman you've JUST met. (Disk 3:3)
• You'll learn a full-proof technique that will allow you to meet women, even if you're caught off guard. Use this and never let another one slip away! Crucial. (Disk 3:4)

DVD #4: Advanced Tactics
Table of Contents:
1. The Digits
2. The Gucci Example
3. Prerequisites
4. The Spreadsheet
5. Define the Relationship
6. Channeling
7. Setting the Frame
• Learn exactly how to get a woman’s phone number almost every time. Learn what to say, how to utilize your phone effectively and how to increase the amount of numbers that you get from women that you’re engaged with. (Disk 4:1)
• After that I’m going to dive into the most difficult situation to pick up a woman, and you'll gain perspective that will make common pick ups EASY. (Disk 4:2)
• Learn the requirements that you MUST meet in order to be successful with women. Essential for newbies. (Disk 4:3)
• Get women to approach you. (Disk 4:3)
• Learn about my infamous "Spreadsheet." When you see it for the first time, you’re going to be AMAZED at how useful it is as a dating tool. Then I leave it up to you to decide if it's right for you. (Disk 4:4)
• Get the relationship to play out along YOUR terms so you’re never compromising your values or feel resentment. Avoid false starts, stall-outs, and frustration. (Disk 4:5)
• Get to s*x QUICKLY. Understand how to do this well, and you'll never chase "red herrings," again. Do this well and your s*xual success will SKYROCKET. (Disk 4:6)
• Setup a potent hot and heavy S*XUAL dynamic by correctly laying a healthy male/female polarity. (Disk 4:7)

DVD #5: Logistics
Table of Contents:
1. Now You've Got The Digits
2. Arranging the Date
3. Conditions to Avoid
4. The Opia Paradigm
5. Your Place
6. Decor & Ambiance
• AVOID pitfalls after you get her number, and how to do things right so that you can follow up and end up in a S*XUAL relationship with her. (Disk 5:1)
• How to setup the date so that it's fun for both of you, and so that it unfolds along YOUR terms. (Disk 5:2)
• Learn conditions to avoid while you’re with a woman. Do any of these things, there is a near 100% chance you’ve completely destroyed your chances of s*x. (Disk 5:3)
• Increase the possibility of s*x. I’m going to teach you how to SMOOTHLY get her back to your place with little to no hesitation on her part. (Disk 5:4)
• Decor tips to double the likely-hood of s*x. Your apartment can do 90% of the heavy lifting. If she walks into an IDEALLY situated apartment, she's yours. (Disk 5:6)

DVD #6: Escalation
Table of Contents:
1. Turning Up the Heat
2. S*xual Logistics
3. Overbooking
4. Dating Multiple Women
5. Your Vision
6. Final Thoughts
7. S Learn to quickly get her aroused. These are specific tricks I’ve refined by sleeping with a lots of women. (Disk 6:1).
• Get her so hot she's tearing YOUR clothes off. (Disk 6:1).
• Avoid MISTAKES amateurs make, like trying to bring her all the way back to the bedroom. CRITICAL knowledge for having s*x with lots of women. (Disk 6:2).
• You'll learn about an advanced concept that a lot of players I know use to date multiple women. This is completely optional, and may not be suitable for everyone (Disk: 6:3)
• If you choose to remain single and have s*x with women on a regular basis, there are certain things you NEED to know to keep drama to a minimum. (Disk: 6:4)
• Discover what kind of relationships you enjoy. (Disk 6:5)
• Learn from my SUCCESSES and FAILURES. I share my personal stories which you'll learn a TON from. (Disk 6:7).
• And of course, a WHOLE lot more...

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