Paul Hancox - Super Power Copy

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Paul Hancox - Super Power Copy
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Watch Me Write 3 "Mind Control" Sales Letters... IN REAL TIME: Did You Know Your Sales Copy Could Kill?... You should be aware of the power of words if you're selling anything online, or are thinking of doing so, as the following three examples illustrate:

* "Axis of Evil" - Three simple words that contributed to the acceptance of America's war on terror (I'll show you why this was so effective - and so relevant to sales copy - very shortly)...

* Sellers have long known words have power at least from the 1960's, when the headline of an automobile repair kit ad was changed from "How To Repair Cars" to "How To Fix Cars"... and sales increased by 20%, so...

* Rephrasing a headline to eliminate the word "taxes" increased one marketer's response rate by over 80%, so...

... if just a few individual words can have so much power to boost your sales and profits, how much power can an ENTIRE SALES LETTER have? Well, here's something you need to know...


Video 1 - Pre-Copy

The SIX THINGS you MUST know before you even start writing a single word of copy. (You'll really struggle if you don't get these, before putting pen to paper).

Video 2 - The "Ten Second Timer" Rule

You'll want this simple yet critical "rule" to keep your readers glued to the end. (If you're not reading these words right now, it didn't work.)

Video 3 - Propelling Copy

In this video I'll show you a number of techniques not only to hook your reader's initial attention, but also to propel them to keep reading - all the way to the end. And best of all, they're fun to do! (I bet you won't see many other copywriters talk about these.)

Video 4 - Headlines And How To Write 'Em

The headline of your sales letter is the first thing a new visitor sees, so it's vital to get this right. Now, in this video, you'll discover my "must have" secret formula; this is for creating both the headlines and sub-headlines that both grab attention, and compel people to keep reading.

Video 5 - Presuppositional Power

As you watch this amazing video, you'll discover the incredible power of presuppositional words, and how they influence your mind - not only in sales, but also in life. (You'll be surprised how your friends use these on you!) So you'll definitely want to take notes before you start watching, as I don't know how shocked you're going to be when you watch this one.

Video 6 - Mind Reading & Mind Shifting

I know that as you read that headline, you may be skeptical about the human ability to "read minds", and I understand that. I'm a bit of a skeptic myself, but this technique I'll show you in this video is as good as reading your visitor's minds, so you know precisely when they're skeptical, and when they're thinking, "I'm ready..." How useful would that be to you right now, to know your customer's mind and thoughts?

Video 7 - Mind Control

Is it possible to use "Mind Control" to virtually compel people to buy - to get them to say, "I want this!" over and over again in their minds? The answer may surprise you, as I'll expose in this revealing video. (hmmm... are you curious?) If you think the techniques you'll learn in this video are too "sneaky", I apologize... but the problem is they do work... I've tested them... so you'll need to decide for yourself whether you want to employ them or not. (These techniques are strictly on a "need to know" basis, for your eyes only). Virtually no other copywriters even dare to mention these (although a few do use 'em behind our backs!)

Video 8 - Ambiguity

Speaking to you as a person who understands words and their power now, you know the English language is full of ambiguity (i.e. "After the cat caught the mouse, it died"), and in this video you'll see here how ambiguity can be used both for fun, and as a byproduct, for profit as well.

Video 9 - Word Weaponry

Even individual words have power. Who'd have thought, for instance, that this one word... "evil"... could make you buy? (Now incidentally, why was "Axis of Evil" so effective? The word "Axis" is connected to the World War II enemy powers, and implies a military alliance... and "Evil" elevates it to a cosmic struggle... and also, if they are evil, what does that make us? See, all that meaning conveyed in THREE SIMPLE WORDS... so what could you do in a thousand word sales letter? This video will show you...)

Video 10 - The "Bullet Builder" Technique

"Bullet points" are one of the most important aspects of a sales letter, in my opinion. So when you use the "Bullet Builder" Technique you'll learn from this video, you'll find yourself writing as many bullet points as you want and need... and you'll be amazed at just how quick and easy it will now be to be writing them.

Video 11 - The "Objection Eliminator" Method

Objections can potentially kill sales, and salespeople are often trained to "overcome" them (they're one of the biggest reasons for not getting people to buy) - but now in this video I'll show you how to go much further than everyone else in your market, and to ELIMINATE them (the objections, that is!) before they ever arise, using my "Objection Eliminator" Method. When you get this, and really start to use it, you'll never have to "overcome" objections again. (Unfortunately, a lot of online copywriters - even many of the best - still just haven't got a clue when it comes to objections - they're still "overcoming" them the old way.)

Video 12 - Storytales

Why STORIES and METAPHORS are so important to your sales process, and how to add all kinds of extra layers of meaning to them, to make buying just seem like the smart thing to do. This, now, will dramatically improve your copy just by itself. (You know, you want to use stories abundantly in your copy, but probably the only copywriter I've seen get this right now is Frank Kern - which is why I'll share his wisdom here with you in this video.) I just hope he doesn't kill me for spilling the beans on his big secret, just after the 20 minute mark!

Videos 13 & 14 - Price Strategies

In these videos, you'll discover price strategies that are often only revealed at highly priced selling seminars. (I mentioned this earlier, but I used just one of these pricing techniques, and I was able to double my price, and still sell 25% more of that product, at a time when other marketers were desperately cutting their prices!) If you like money, you'll like this. If not, then by any means don't get this.

Videos 15 & 16 - Advanced Techniques

I'll share with you additional advanced copywriting techniques in these video, that I feel don't quite fit in anywhere else - but I use them all, and they're all very powerful. If you don't watch these videos and above all, integrate them into your copy writing, you'll probably never get this handled properly - which is just like throwing money down the drain.

Video 17 - The "Playing God" Technique

Using the structured system you'll see in this video, you'll find yourself able to write really effective and persuasive copy so quickly and easily that it will actually be FUN to do! (Who'd have thought making money could be so much FUN!) Amazing as it might sound, when you know you need to write your own copy, you'll actually look forward to this.


In addition to the 17 Module Videos above, Super Power Copy also contains several Example Videos, where you'll see me write no less than THREE sales letters completely from scratch, using the techniques you learned in the Modules Videos.





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