Password-Reset for FloppyDisk & USB 3.0.0

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When you've forgotten your passwords, it's a big hassle to get them back. And if we're talking about really important passwords on your system, it's even a bigger deal to recover them resetting the passwords. If you have lost or forgotten your Windows login password, my state of the art solution will quickly & easily remove it for you.

Password-Reset for FloppyDisk & USB 3.0.0
Password Reset is so reliable, it's even recommended by Microsoft's support staff when my customers have called them first asking for help. Understandably, Microsoft is unable to provide any type of solution to the password security feature. Their hands are tied! But they will steer you in my direction many times, when asked if there is any kind of solution besides reinstalling Windows and wiping out all your data. This is where Password Reset comes in. It will fix your problem, fast & easy!

Password Reset works on all Windows systems and versions - Even the new Windows 8
Password reset works with all NT based Windows versions, including client based and servers. It has also been tested and works with the new Windows 8 due for release sometime after the Summer of this year. The complete list includes all releases such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, Server 2000, 2003 & 2008. It will work with all stand alone servers or domain controllers as well. Bottom line, if it boots up and displays your list of usernames and prompts you for the activation key when attempting to reset the password, it will reset that password, Guaranteed!

What is required to remove your password?
No special tools are required to remove your Windows password. You can order everything you need in one convenient kit and have it shipped directly to you via Priority Mail. Or, you can do it yourself right now, with just another computer besides the one you are locked out of, and a blank CD-R disc. If your computer doesn't have an optical (CD/DVD) drive, a USB thumb-drive (4 GB or less) can be used.The video above will show you exactly what is involved if you want to see my software in action and get an understanding of how it works. Full written instructions including screen-shots are also included on the website. I recommend reading through everything first so you have a good idea of how it all works, then go back and begin the process

No up-front purchase required!
If you choose to go with the download version, rather than have it shipped to you, the first step is to download the Password Reset software and run it, so you can create a start-up (boot) CD or USB thumb-drive. This part is free of charge. This will ensure your disc is correctly made and is 100% compatible with your hardware prior to making any kind of payment. This helps give you peace of mind.

Start here RISK-FREE! - This is where the actual process of removing the password yourself begins.
Click below to go to the first step. You will not be asked for any sort of payment or other information. You will be given immediate access to the software files & instructions needed to create the password removal boot disc. Following that, you are then taken to the instruction page for running this boot disc on your computer with the password issue. After a few easy clicks of the mouse, you will find yourself being prompted to enter an activation key.

Homepage -

Install Notes:

1. Unpack
2. Insert a removable drive
3. Execute password-reset_3.0.exe
4. Go to USB / Flooppy tab
5. Have phun

1. Unpack and execute Password-Reset_3.0.exe
2. Choose a floppy drive
3. That's all folks
4. Have phun

Download File

Here you can download files online. Unlimited access to all sources file with one click direct download link!
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