Passpo - Shibuya Kokaido Flight DVD Sayonara Passpo Konnichiwa Passpo

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Passpo Live concert DVD from Shibuya Public Hall, Tokyo December 28, 2012.

Shibuya Kokaido Flight DVD - Sayonara PASSPO Konnichiwa PASSPO - (Japan Version)
Source: R2 NTSC DVD / UPBH-1338

Released on DVD video of Shibuya Public Hall, which was conducted in December 2012. Live ticket live memorial that was changed to sold out immediately! Passport ☆ → PASSPO ☆ notation. Going to collect a piece to be able to enjoy the performance as a rock idol group to a full-fledged back the live band! All 27 songs.

Shibuya Kokaido Flight DVD - Sayonara PASSPO Konnichiwa PASSPO -
日本語タイトル: 渋谷公会堂フライトDVD 〜さようなら ぱすぽ☆ こんにちは PASSPO☆〜/ PASSPO☆


Features PASSPO's concert held at Shibuya Public Hall in December 2012. There are no extras on this DVD.

-Opening SE-
1. LA LA LOVE TRAIN~恋の片道切符~
2. 少女飛行
3. ViVI夏
4. Hello
5. Street Fighter
6. キス=スキ
7. ピンクのパラシュート
8. With XXX
9. Pretty Lie
10. Go On A Highway
11. じゃあね…
12. 君色のサンバ (first performance of this song)
13. WING *live band version*
14. ウハエ! *live band version*
15. Next Flight *live band version*
16. サクラ小町 *live band version* (first performance of this song)
17. Tap My Toe *live band version*
18. ダムダムフリーダム *live band version*
19. 2DAYS *live band version*
20. バスタブ *live band version*
21. Love Diary *live band version*
22. BREAK OUT!! *live band version*
23. 夏空HANABI *live band version*
24. マテリアルGirl *live band version*

-VTR- (announcing the group will change their name from ぱすぽ☆ to PASSPO☆)
25. No.1 Boy (first performance of this song)
26. WANTED *live band version*
27. Dear My Friends *live band version*

Credit to Passpo Fansite for the setlist!

The first part of this concert is a little disappointing, especially due to poor stage lighting. This changes after the VTR following Track 12, and the live band section is great, so the concert overall does redeem itself. Several songs have their first public airing at this concert. This concert was also the venue where the official announcement was made that the group's official name was changing from ぱすぽ☆ to PASSPO☆

Passpo Shibuya Kokaido Flight DVD ~Sayonara PASSPO Konnichiwa PASSPO~ @ Shibuya Public Hall

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