Paragon Drive Backup Server Edition v9.0 Retail

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Paragon Drive Backup Server Edition v9.0 Retail

Paragon Drive Backup Server Edition v9.0 Retail | File-Size: 98.91 MB
Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Server - disk imaging and restore!

While the growth of a business is a positive sign of success, it also means more electronic data to protect and greater consequences if it’s lost. Our newest Drive Backup 9.0 Server Edition offers the highest level of protection for the SMB market with enterprise level capabilities at a new affordable price. This enhanced solution delivers entire system and data backups, continuous data availability, and fast disaster recovery options, even from a bare-metal state. It is an affordable step toward improved system and data protection!

Key & New Features

Real-time Server Disk Backup - due to Paragon's Hot Backup technology and Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service (MS VSS) technology all applications remain online during a server backup without significant performance delays. This allows you to backup and then safety restore the complete OS and server driven applications such as MS SQL and MS Exchange.

Fast and Reliable Server Restore - Drive Backup delivers incredibly fast workstation restoration, even from a bare-metal state. You can browse backup images and restore individual files and folders, hard disk partitions and/or entire hard disks. In the event of an unbootable system, Drive Backup includes a comprehensive recovery CD to boot from and access backup images locally or via the network. You can also create custom bootable recovery media containing HDD backup images.

Automation of Server Backup Routine - new Cyclic backup functionality allows you to adjust the necessary number of stored backup checkpoints, or maximum allowed space for backup storage. Drive Backup will automatically manage regular backups in order to fit your conditions. The built-in Scheduler, Differential and Synthetic Backup capability, Cyclic Backup, Paragon Remote Management Console and Client can provide you with a completely automatic solution for both desktops and laptops. You can easily set Cyclic or Scheduled Backup of a single (or multiple) workstation to network drives, USB connected media or Paragon's Backup Capsule and review reports on the PRM Console. This capability will save you precious time and can reduce your network backup costs.

Adaptive Restore - a special technology that enables to successfully recover Windows Vista or 2008 Server to a different hardware configuration. If you need to replace failed hardware and cannot find an exact match for your original system specifications, this feature will help you out. Besides you can even restore a backup image of your real system to a virtual one and vice versa.
Hardware and Software Flexibility - Wide range of software and hardware RAID support, Windows dynamic volumes support, GPT disks support, IDE, SCSI, SATA, USB, FireWire hard drives support, local or network backup media support as well as built-in CD/DVD Burner to place server backup images on CD/DVD or Blu-Ray discs delivers great flexibility to IT professionals and system administrators.

Basic Backup/Restore Features

* Backup/Restore an entire hard disk
* Backup/Restore individual or multiple partitions
* Backup/Restore all types of partitions: primary, extended, logical
* Backup/Restore the first track of a hard disk
* Backup/Restore the MBR
* Backup/Restore a combination of disks, partitions etc to/from one archive (several disks or/and partitions at the same time)
* Backup individual files and folders
* Restore a separate partition (or a set of partitions) from a backup image of the whole hard disk
* Schedule backup operations
* Browse backup images (Volume Explorer or File Transfer Wizard)
* Restore separate files and folders from backup archives by Volume Explorer or File Transfer Wizard
* Save backup images to local drives
* Save backup images to network
* Burn a backup archive to CD/DVDs (or write them to ISO-image files for later burning)
* Set archive names and add comments
* Interrupt backup operations if necessary

Advanced Backup/Restore Features

* Hot Backup of locked partitions
* Support of two technologies for Hot Backup (Paragon Hot Processing/ Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service)
* Synchronous Backup of multiple volumes (with MS VSS)
* Differential Backup
* Incremental File Backup
* Exclude files and folders
* Synthetic Backup (join a differential archive with a base archive to create a new base archive)
* Split/Re-split/De-split (glue) existing archives
* Compress/Re-compress/De-compress existing archives
* Encrypt/Re-encrypt/De-encrypt existing archives (and change a password)
* Backup dynamic volumes
* Backup GPT disks
* Restore dynamic volumes to dynamic ones
* Restore GPT disks
* Backup/Restore to/from the Backup Capsule
* Create/Resize/Delete/Clean up the Backup Capsule
* Dual boot Backup Capsule (starts up the computer into recovery environment directly from Backup Capsule to perform any needed restore operations)
* Save backup archives to physical partitions (without drive letters assigned)
* Create bootable archives on CD/DVDs
* Resize while restoring (upwards)
* Mount partitions automatically after restoring
* Check archive integrity when creating archives
* Check archive integrity of existing archives
* Check existing Recovery Media
* Check existing bootable archives
* Burn existing archives to CD/DVDs or BDs
* Reboot to the Windows Blue Screen Module (Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista) or special recovery environment (Windows XP/Vista/2008 Server 64-bit), when backing up locked partitions (if hot processing is disabled)

Hard Disk Copy Features

* Copy an entire hard disk to another hard disk (larger or smaller)
* Copy a specified partition to free area (not assigned to any partition, larger or smaller)
* Automatically expand/shrink a disk/partition
* Incremental Copy
* Hot Copy
* Schedule Copy operations
* Supports USB 2.0 hard drives

Partitioning Features

* Create partitions
* Format partitions
* Delete partitions
* Assign drive letters
* Remove drive letters
* Hide partitions
* Mark a partition as active
* Reorder primary partitions (change slots)
* Change partition volume labels
* Change partition serial numbers
* Change partition IDs
* Update the MBR
* Change the SID
* Check file system integrity
* Test surface

Scheduling Features

* Multiple types of scheduling (Once/At system startup/At logon/Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
* Specify a user name and password for scheduled tasks if necessary
* Set specific dates and times to start scheduled backup
* Manage scheduled tasks by Scheduled Tasks Editor

User Interface Features

* Virtual pre-execution
* Flexible and adjustable launcher interface
* Wizards for the majority of operations
* Embedded HTML browser with navigation through toolbars and menus
* Multiple means of control and navigation (pull-down menus, user-defined menus, toolbars, active icons, bookmarks)
* Contextual operations
* Many places to run the same operations depending on user preferences
* Display hard disk configuration in graphic form (Disk View)
* Display all disk and partition properties (total size, size of used and free space, partition types, file systems etc)
* Display estimated archive size
* Display operation progress in graphic form and step by step
* Display archive information
* Windows Blue Screen Module localized as well as the main product modules



(File-Size: 98.91 MB)

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