Opera 10.0 Build 1456 Alpha

Software, InterNet Tools. April 24, 2009 by CONFiG.
Opera 10.0 Build 1456 Alpha
Opera 10.0 Build 1456 Alpha | 5.38 MB

Discover the new standard in Web browsing! Opera lets you surf the Internet in a safer, faster, and easier way. One of the most full-featured Internet power tools on the market, it includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like Opera's groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. You can customize the look and content of your browser with a few clicks of the mouse.

Changes in Opera 10.0 Build 1456 Alpha:
* Added user interface for built-in crash reporting. Please remember to add any relevant details before sending the report (only Windows for now)
* Turbo mode is now disabled automatically for local IP addresses and hostnames
* Work on adding a placeholder image for plugins that are missing or not loaded (in Turbo mode) - see the "extras" folder for the SVG file
* Google TLD server work. On first run, we contact a Google server, and it returns the correct top level domain (TLD) to use (google.ru for Russia, google.no for Norway, and so on)
* Show sent mail when using threading in the e-mail client
* Updated Presto version to 2.2.2
* Some improvements for skin designers:
1) Added "Reload skin" action, which can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut in the shortcut editor (e.g. "F5 ctrl" - "Reload skin" under the "Application" section)
2) You can point to an unzipped skin by adding the full path to the skin.ini file in opera:config#UserPrefs|ButtonSet (use the "Reload skin" action after changing the setting)
3) Toolbar.ini defines new button skins for each toolbar, so each toolbar can be skinned separately. Fallback is Toolbar Button Skin. (Known issue: Native skins not updated yet, so they will get the hover state for the default skin instead)

User Interface
* [DSK-172058] Insufficient label height for Japanese translation in "Download Opera setup" dialog
* [DSK-221828] Fix for Thunder Download menu entry (popular Chinese download accelerator)
* [DSK-248608] Manual update check wasn't working when Opera was set to "don't check for updates"
* [DSK-248813] Any search from personal bar triggered Google, regardless of selected search engine (related to Google TLD work)
* [DSK-250489] "Show menu=0" didn't work
* [DSK-250519] Fix for Fast Forward at Polish Google site

Site Compatibility
* [DSK-251475] Couldn't click zoom buttons at Google Maps
* [CORE-9016] Moving an iframe didn't move Flash content
* [CORE-13140] Empty text nodes shouldn't always cause line breaks in rich text editors (needs testing)
* [CORE-16468] Mouse events were captured on transparent SVG
* [CORE-19542] SVG image not repainted correctly after scrolling
* [CORE-20005] Opera would not set document.cookie when IP address was specified in the URL

* Several crash fixes (table-row styled optgroups, kiosk mode crash on startup, document.write crash in javacript:, crash when overwriting TEXTAREA in designMode, back button crash, crash when selecting all in documentedit with generated content, sync crash on exit)
* Plugged some memory leaks
* [CORE-19951] Fixed freeze with nexted CSS display styles
* [CORE-20185] Freeze when searching DOM in Dragonfly

* Show sent mail when using threading
* [DSK-198726] "- Opera" incorrectly added to IRC toolbar
* [DSK-226853] Threaded mail view showed as Flat, and Period didn't work on PowerPC and SPARC
* [DSK-231550] Inconsistent icons for Check and Send
* [DSK-240924] Switching to RTL directionality fails in M2
* [DSK-250841] Drafts appear in Received when any character was entered into the To field

* [CORE-18771] 302 wasn't handled properly in widgets when using XHR

* [DSK-250506] Profile lost after upgrading single user installation
* [DSK-241585] Opening a download in an external application would open several tabs because of spaces in the local path

NOTE: Please only test upgrading if you have backed up your Opera profile!

Homepage - http://www.opera.com

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