Opera 10 with Turbo

NEWS. September 5, 2009 by CONFiG.
Opera 10 with Turbo
Opera 10 with Turbo?

Opera 10 Build 1750 - FINAL with Turbo released September 1, 2009
but i just figured it out now hehe, to late? nah never late to learn hehe winked

as we can see in opera press released, There are three major things you must try in Opera 10:
1. Opera Turbo, a new compression technology that solves the pain of slow connections.
2. A sleek and beautiful interface You have never seen an Opera browser that looks like this.
3. Better tabs, from the original pioneer Opera continues pioneering new ways to use tabs.

but the turbo is very interest me, browser is packed with innovations to help you get more from the Web

Turbo doesn't just compress HTML. It sends pages in a binary format much smaller than Apache gzipping can do. And it does compress images with losses, that's exactly the point. If you're on a slow connection, the loss of image quality is worth the sacrifice. if you got fast connection, you don't need this turbo haha

i don't want loss image quality wacko

i just compared to browse with or without turbo and the result show like this

Opera 10 with Turbo
with turbo

Opera 10 with Turbo
without turbo/standard

pretty much faster than standard, since im using fast internet connection this turbo show me poor image (take a look at the clicksor banner image) puyenk

so if you in slow connection, the turbo is perfect for you ;)

Odd & Even Compressing Web Pages

source: opera & youtube :)
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