Old School Series with Carl Cestari

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Old School Series with Carl Cestari | 695 MB
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This is a very rare DVD series on World War II Combatives, taught by Carl Cestari.

DVD1 - Fundamentals of Unarmed Combat

"This video will show you what to do when confronted with a situation. How to establish a safe distance, how to position yourself in relation to the assailant is combined with explosive and ballistic combinations of edge-of-hand blows, chin-jabs, stomps and gouges - regardless of what your assailant tries to do to you. You will understand the "lead with speed follow with power" concept. You will learn the "drop-step" technique to deliver maximum power without any winding up or "telegraphing" your intention to inflict mayhem on the target."

DVD2 - Advanced Strikes

"This is the perfect complement to "Fundamentals of Unarmed Combat." This DVD includes elbow smashes, shin-scrapes, head-butts, hip-whips and more. Surprise the attacker by using unlikely weapons like your hip or the top of your head. You will learn the correct way to deliver a head-butt and how to generate maximum power with these unorthodox weapons. You will become more dangerous by learning how to use different areas of your body to cause damage to the target."

DVD3 - Ground Fighting

"Caught on the ground. Brazilian jujutsu, Judo and Catch Wrestling are excellent but they leave some gaps that need to be filled. Do not get caught playing the game of submission. The assailant will not "tap out." This is perfect for novices or advanced ground fighting practitioners who need to add an edge to their bag of tricks. Do not get caught on your back without this information. What happens if you find yourself on your back with some thug standing over you ready to stomp your lights out? What if your assailant is carrying a variety of weapons? What happens if there are others around you looking to stomp you into the earth? Time is of the essence, you do not have three five minute rounds. There is no referee. Neck cranks, strangles, gouges, fish hooks, edge of hands, heel of hands, tiger claws included."

DVD4 - Defense vs. Grabs & Holds

"We all can get caught by surprise. What happens when the attacker is on top of you? How do you apply the information on the first three DVDs to these? Do not get caught up with practicing for each individual situation you could face. There could be millions!!! Why should you have to learn three separate defenses if someone grabs your wrist, your shoulder or your collar when only one will do? You will learn how you can use a handful of techniques for any situation."

DVD5 - Bare Knuckle Boxing

"HIT WITH POWER. Hitting with a closed fist is extremely effective, but it has to be trained and practiced. Learn how to hit anywhere on the body with a closed fist. Develop an effective knockout technique. You will learn how to cover and shift your body. This is great for those interested in real knock-down, drag-out street fighting. This is not modern day boxing with the gloves off, this is old style prize fighting. Fighters had to defend against takedowns, kicks, knees and elbows. Bodies had to be conditioned to withstand the NO RULES and NO TIME LIMIT BOUTS."


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