O&O Software ToolBox 2014 Build 24.01 (x86 & x64)

Software, System Tools. January 24, 2014 by samura1.

4 x More in one pack: More Performance. More Memory. More Space. More Security!

O&O ToolBox is the ideal bundle for accelerating your computer as well as for monitoring and protecting it. In it there are four, multiple award-winning O&O products that can help you optimize your system and let it go on giving you the best possible performance. Along with that, you can find out which data is taking up the most room on your hard disk and even prevent anyone from ever invading your privacy. All of this in just one extraordinary package!

O&O Defrag 17 - Do not wait too long! If you work on computers a lot, then slow system and program starts, endless rendering and memory processes, or even system crashes when playing can quickly ruin your enjoyment. Defragmenting your PC can hugely accelerate the speed you can work on your PC. When you defragment, those files fragmented across the hard disk are logically rearranged so that files can be quickly recognized and processed by the hardware. Performance gains of up to 100% are not uncommon!

O&O CleverCache 7 - Even with the latest hardware, the processing of digital pictures, videos, games and constant server loads can often lead to longer answering times or “frozen” programs. In fact, it’s often not the lack of main memory capacity that’s at fault, but the file cache management of your Windows operating system. O&O CleverCache makes sure that the file cache is reset while the computer’s running: something that otherwise usually requires a restart of the computer. O&O CleverCache will let you continuously maintain maximum levels of performance on your computer – no new start required, and with just a few clicks of your mouse.

O&O DiskStat 2 - Generally speaking, there are two distinct types of people: some simply cannot throw things away, whereas others have no problem getting rid of stuff they don’t need and that is just taking up space. Only one of these approaches can be applied to modern computers – no prizes for guessing which one! And that is where O&O DiskStat comes in.

O&O SafeErase 7 - Using internationally recognized methods, O&O SafeErase deletes sensitive data so securely that a reconstruction, even with special software, is no longer possible. In the new version 7, an analysis function has been integrated which searches for data that was deleted non-securely. With just a few clicks, the computer can be cleaned to such an extent that unauthorized persons have no chance to dig out old files and misuse them.

O&O Software ToolBox 2014 covers the following:
- O&O Defrag Professional Edition 17.0.490 (x86/x64)
- O&O CleverCache Professional 7.1.2737 (x86/x64)
- O&O DiskStat Professional Edition 2.0.396 (x86/x64)
- O&O SafeErase Professional Edition 7.0.155 (x86/x64)


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