Nugen Audio Visualizer VST v1.9.4

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Nugen Audio Visualizer VST v1.9.4

Nugen Audio Visualizer VST v1.9.4 | 2.07 Mb

If you find your production work can be slow and difficult, imprecise or arbitrary. Problems are difficult to track down and mixing can become a strange balance of guesswork and intuition, then you need some better tools.

Visualizer can provide you with standardized reference tools allowing you to:

work more rapidly
make fewer mistakes
repeat past success
understand the success of others
measure objectively
meet broadcast standards.

Typical Applications


o Calibration
o Lining up
o Setting levels
o Broadcast standards
o Mic'ing Up
o Phase cancellation
o Stereo field
o Problem frequencies
o Studio acoustics
o Minimizing noise
o Exploiting the recording medium
o Problem solving
o Checking signal paths

o Low end control
o Hidden frequencies
o Notching out
o Placing vocals
o Fundamental frequencies
o Characteristic frequencies
o Masking
o EQing problem frequencies
o Stereo placement
o Handling dynamics
o Transferable mix standards

o A|B reference material
o Sonic fingerprinting
o Stereo spread
o EQ distribution
o Phase relationships
o Low frequency analysis
o Examining dynamics
o Contextural analysis
o Frequency response
o Speaker relationships
o Power distribution
o Broadcast standards
o Headroom/Level capacity
o Phase handling

Key Features


Multiple level meters (Peak/RMS/K12/K14/K20 etc.)
FFT Spectrum Analysis
Stereo Spectrum Analysis
Stereo Spectrogram
Vector Scope
Stereo Bias meter
Correlation Meter
Stats and Parameters module

Resizeable Interface

Intelligent window optimization
Optimized control selection
Frequency zoom and scroll
dB Zoom and scroll
Peak hold control
Colour selection
FFT window selection
RMS window adjustment
A/B snapshots
Optimized resource use

Intelligent Window System
This unique facility allows the selection of multiple view combinations, resizing and aligning windows to maximize legibility and cross referencing information across screens. There is no need to switch plugin for a different combination, and presets (user configurable) allow instant switching between setups and interface size enabling unparalleled work flow enhancements and intuitive operation.

Level Meters
Fully adjustable level meters including color, split point selection and horizontal or vertical positioning.
- Fully adjustable digital scale meter
- Stereo margin indicator, showing dB remaining to clip
- RMS (Root mean Squared) scale meter
- K-Scale meters, as devised by Bob Katz
- Peak hold settings
- Response and Fall back control
- Multiple color and display options
- Grab and zoom dB range

FFT Spectrum Analyzers
Full range Spectrum analysis with linked or independently zoomed frequency window. Peak level control and color picking.
- Left, Right, Left & Right and Average modes
- Full spectrum and various banding options
- Unique Stereo Differential mode
- Multiple color and display options
- Peak hold settings
- Grab and zoom dB and frequency range
- Independent Response and Fall back control
- Mouse over readout
- 'right click tone' audio assistant

Scrolling spectrogram showing level and frequency history with zoom control.
- Unique Differential mode
- Color pallet selection
- Smoothing control
- Grab and zoom frequency range
- Mouse over readout
- Full spectrum and various banding options

X/Y plot showing detailed stereo and phase information
- Zoom
- Color picking
- Response control
- Polar/Lissajous setting
- Color selection
- Stereo meter

Correlation Meter
Phase correlation meter with frequency window and correlation history
- Freeze control
- Response parameter
- Optional history log
- Color pallet

Statistics and Setup module
- Clip counters
- A/B/C/D weighting curves and dB slopes
- FFT window type
- RMS window size
- Pink noise calibration tool

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