Novation Automap Pro v3.5-UNION

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Novation Automap Pro v3.5-UNION
Novation Automap Pro v3.5-UNION | 24.4 MB

Automap 3 is the latest incarnation of Novation's intelligent software system. Automap is unique to Novation’s MIDI controllers, and has now been enhanced with a wealth of eagerly anticipated features. Until now Automap had focused on plug-in control, but exciting developments bring a new level of DAW control...

No matter what music software you use, Automap offers an instant controlling solution for all your plug-ins. It supports VST, AU and Pro Tools (TDM/RTAS) plug-in formats (TDM/RTAS support is currently Mac only. PC will follow soon). It allows hardware controllers to interact with plug-in instruments and effects. Opening up any Automappable plug-in instantly maps parameters to physical controls on Novation's SL- and Nocturn controllers. These can be re-assigned using an ultra-quick 'learn' mode, which simply involves clicking the on-screen parameter and touching the desired hardware controller. In addition to DAW control templates on board the SL range (mixer, transport etc) Automap 3 comes with full HUI implementation for control of HUI compatible DAWs such Logic, Pro Tools and Digital Performer.

Automap 3 PRO supports multiple hardware devices. This enables any of Novation’s intuitive hardware controllers to be stacked within the Automap server (software). Mutiple Novation controllers can then work side by side to access separate parameters on different plug-ins. This benefits both performing musicians and studio-producers, all of whom need immediate access to multiple plug-ins at the touch of a button.

One of the most exciting new features is 'Keystroke Assignment'. This enables Automap 3 PRO to assign almost any computer keyboard shortcut to hardware controls, giving you incredible access to navigation and other features from your SL or Nocturn controller! For example you can assign arrow key commands to buttons, enabling you to flick between tracks without moving away from your controller. It is also possible to assign key combinations to single controllers such as command+T.

You can now assign parameters in the Automap Server (software) to the XY pad, expression pedal, control pedal and drum pads. This means that Automap's ultra-quick 'learn' facility can now be used on all of the above, making assigning filter cutoff and resonance to the XY pad (for example) quick and easy. (Pedal/pad control not supported by SL Compact)

Another key new feature in PRO is the ability to drag and drop parameters between controls, making re-assignment incredibly simple. Equally exciting is 'Autoview', which when activated, automatically displays Automap 3 PRO on-screen as soon as a hardware control is touched, and then hides the GUI after release. See exactly what’s happening at all times without cluttering the screen with unnecessary windows!

Multiple device support
Automap 3 Pro supports multiple devices, so numerous Novation controllers can be used side by side.

Keystroke Assignments
Automap 3 Pro can assign almost any computer keyboard shortcuts to hardware controls. For example arrow key functions can now be assigned to hardware controls, allowing you to flick between tracks using buttons on your SL/Nocturn. You could also zoom in and out, open windows or create and jump to markers in your DAW.

XY Pad Control
Fully Auto-mappable XY Pad control, expression pedal, control pedal and drum pad control. The Automap server can now assign parameters to all these controllers using the ultra-quick learn facility. (Pedal/pad control not supported by SL Compact)

Drag and Drop
You can now drag and drop control mappings and control map groups in the GUI, allowing you to re-assign knobs, faders and buttons by simply grabbing them with the mouse and dropping them on the new controller.

Autoview Mode
Optional Autoview mode means that the GUI only becomes visible when a controller is touched, then it disappears again allowing you to get back to your DAW.

Please note Automap 3.2 PRO is only compatible with the following Novation products:
ReMOTE SL Compact
Nocturn 25
Nocturn 49

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