Neuralog NeuraView 2011.7

Software, Graphic & Design. November 6, 2011 by Dizel.

Neuralog NeuraView 2011.7 | 32.3 Mb

Welcome to NeuraView, the solution to display, edit, process, annotate and print large documents. NeuraView will read any standard TIFF, JPG, or BMP image (color, greyscale, or B&W) and will display that image in the view window. From this interface, you can scroll, zoom and rotate the image. Any portion of the image can be isolated with the selection tool, and then saved or printed.

NeuraView Features

Instant Rescan

Log Correlation can be done in log-to-log mode or in the cross section. Any depth calibrated log is ready for correlation with manual picks or auto-posting of imported picks.

Advanced Image Stitching and Splicing
NeuraView now improves its ability to crop and stitch TIFF documents. Image stitching, or pasting together of image pieces, is easy to use and works with both TIFF and JPG files. Newly added cropping features let you eliminate excess borders or unwanted tracks.
- Assemble scanned maps and logs
- Add logos to presentations
- Clean up borders on scanned images
- Crop image pieces to save and print

Annotations may be added and burned into BW images with a standard easy-to-use editor.
- Adjustable fonts and sizes
- Multi-line text
- Movable text blocks
- Text Borders On/Off

Enhanced LAS Support
NeuraView 2006 includes several enhancement for LAS.
- Full LAS header
- Custom Logo
- User Templates

Working with Large Documents
For years Neuralog has been in the business of working with paper and electronic documents. Large documents, such as maps and well logs, require special equipment for scanning and printing and require special software to view and manipulate them on a common desktop computer. Document manipulation such as fast scrolling and zooming, has always been a core part of the Neuralog products.

NeuraView is a lower-cost Neuralog product that can quickly view, scale, crop and print the large TIFF images used in your analysis and digitizing work.

Printing Large Documents
The need for printing large documents arises naturally as a result of working with and viewing these images on your desktop computer. Although various desktop publishing and CAD applications offer a print feature, few, if any, have the ability to print large documents, from the typical user's workstation, in a timely manner.

Neuralog recognized this technology void and produced a solution that allows our customers to print the images they use.

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