Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate - Win/MacOSX (HDD-Clone/2012)

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Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate - Win/MacOSX (HDD-Clone/2012)

The Best Professional solution for Musicians and Audio Mastering!

Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate - Virtual Instrument Bundle.
It literally doesn't get any bigger than this. For the absolute maximum of potential, power and musical creativity, Komplete 8 Ultimate gives you the entire range of Komplete Instruments and Effects — no exceptions. Komplete 8 Ultimate is the premium bundle for modern music production, live performance, and sound design, and the last word in NI excellence.

Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate Virtual Instrument Bundle - Overview:
- Komplete 8 Ultimate has everything you get in Komplete 8, plus 23 more top notch products. This gives you more than 80% discount on the Entire range of currently available Komplete Instruments and Effects*! Plus, you can install it all in one go from the included USB 2.0 hard drive.
- Komplete 8 Ultimate provides a total of 50 outstanding musical tools: The updated flagships Kontakt 5 and Guitar Rig 5 Pro set completely new standards, alongside the powerful synthesis of Reaktor 5.6. Brand-new stars like Studio Drummer, Transient Master, Session Strings Pro, the Solid Mix Series, and Vintage Compressors join the ranks next to NI classics such as Massive, Absynth and Alicia's Keys.
- Komplete 8 Ultimate weighs in at 240 GB of premium sound content - which is why it comes on its own dedicated, sturdy USB 2.0 drive. Setup everything in one go, by simply installing Komplete 8 Ultimate to your chosen internal or external drive. Without the lengthy DVD installation process, you can have Komplete 8 Ultimate up and running easily.
- Komplete 8 Ultimate is fully integrated with Maschine, the groove production studio from Native Instruments. Instantly load any of the instruments or effects from Komplete 8 Ultimate (or any other VST or AU plug in) into your Maschine project for complete real-time control. Together, Maschine and Komplete 8 Ultimate make a powerhouse partnership for any studio.

Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate Virtual Instrument Bundle - Features:
• 50 products
• Over 240 GB of sound
• Over 13,000 sounds
• USB 2.0 hard drive for one-stop installation
• Includes Kontakt 5 and Reaktor 5.6
• Software Synths: Massive, Absynth 5, Retro Machines MK2, Razor, FM8, Reaktor Spark, Reaktor Prism
• Strings & Cinematics: Session Strings Pro, Evolve Mutations, Evolve Mutations 2
• Creative & Studio Effects: Transient Master, Solid Bus Comp, Solid Dynamics, Solid EQ, VC 2A, VC 76, VC 160, The Mouth, The Finger, Traktor's 12, Reflektor
• Drums & Percussion: Studio Drummer, West Africa, Battery 3, Abbey Road 60s Drums, Abbey Road 70s Drums, Abbey Road 80s Drums, Abbery Road Modern Drums, Maschine Drum Selection, Balinese Gamelan
• Guitar & Bass: Guitar Rig 5 Pro, Rammfire, Scarbee Pre-Bass and Pre-Bass Amped, Scarbee Jay-Bass, Scarbee Funk Guitarist, Scarbee MM-Bass and MM-Bass New Amped
• Pianos & Keys: Alicia's Keys, George Duke Soul Treasures, Vintage Organs, Scarbee Clavinet/Pianet, Scarbee Mark I, Scarbee A-200, New York Concert Grand, Vienna Concert Grand, Berlin Concert Grand, Upright Piano

Supported interfaces:
• Stand-alone
• Audio Units
• RTAS (Pro Tools 9 or higher)
• CoreAudio

For more details see here: _

System Requirements:
- Windows: Windows XP to 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64, 2GB RAM
- Mac OSX: Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 (latest update), Intel Core Duo, 2GB RAM

- Requires 5 GB free disc space / 195 GB* for complete installation, USB 2.0 port.
- Specific requirements vary depending on the individual program.

Additional info:
* Komplete 8 Ultimate includes the Guitar Rig 5 Pro software but not the Rig Kontrol hardware controller. The Rig Kontrol is available separately in the NI Online Shop.
* The applications alone require 5 GB free disk space, the libraries require 190 GB on top = 195 GB free disk space in total. Note that the library size is 240 GB if uncompressed, but several libraries are compressed using advanced KONTAKT Lossless Sample Compression.

How to Install:
* In a separate archive "Komplete.8.Ultimate_Video-Tutor_Readme_FAQ_HowTo":
- Video-Tutorial with detailed instructions to recreate the original image "Komplete 8 Ultimate" & recovering it on the HDD-drive (USB) and how to install the product itself
- There is a detailed description with screen to recreate the original image & recovering it on the HDD-drive or convert it to a standard format .iSO
- Attached some utilities for converting .DMG in to .iSO, + TransMac, and HJSplit to build the original image from the parts (all stuffs for Windows)
* In a separate archive "Archivers_for.UnRAR.under.MacOSX" - Utility to extract Rar-archives for Mac OSX
* Required S/N and crack's (Team DNA) in the disk image folders...
* Also, in separate files "Komplete.8.Ultimate_Installer_Video MacOSX/Windows", Video-Tutorials are present with a detailed description of the installation (Installers) Komplete 8 Ultimate - Windows & MacOSX, respectively.

Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate - All Installers (The Final Parts for Windows & MacOSX) + BONUS Sound Libraries:
- Written instructions are already included with the Installers.
Komplete 8 Installers (Full-List):
P.S.: In the package there is no cracks for Guitar Rig 5 Pro for Mac OSX. I'll try to add them to existing folders when they arrive.
Or you can manually find the right cracks on the Internet (from ASSiGN, DYNAMICs-Team or other Support Teams) and download them separately.

Program Name: Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate
Program Type: PRO Instruments & Libraries
Release: 2011 (01.2012 release of Team DNA)
Developer: Native Instruments
Interface Language: English (USA)
Platform/OS: WinXP, Vista, Seven (32/64-bit), MacOS(X)
Crack/SN: Present (Required S/N and Cure's from Team DNA & ASSiGN in the disk image + separate: Video-Tutorials & detailed instructions)
File Format: .DMG (HDD-Clone), .iSO /Rar
Total File Size: ~190 GB/Rar (~320GB /Unpacked image)

Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate - Win/MacOSX (HDD-Clone/2012)

Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate - Win/MacOSX (HDD-Clone/2012)

Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate - Win/MacOSX (HDD-Clone/2012)

Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate - Win/MacOSX (HDD-Clone/2012)

Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate - Win/MacOSX (HDD-Clone/2012)

Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate - Win/MacOSX (HDD-Clone/2012)

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  • fiorey
  • [25 January 2012 20:22]
when i tried to unzip or unrar.. the files get error message... saying...
(!E:\Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate - Win-MacOSX (HDD-Clone-2012)\ConCat-Split_for.Windows.rar: Cannot set ConCat-Split_for.Windows\ConCat-Split_for.PC.txt security data
Access is denied.)
i use winrar v4.10 beta 5... i use mac unzip utility..the same message comes...

i downloaded ...
Native.Instruments.Komplete.8.Ultimate.All.Installers_MacOCX ALL 3parts...

NI.Komplete.8.Ultimate_Win-MacOSX_part-1of8...All 4 parts....

But same error...

PLS PLS PLS Help me to solve this problem...

THANX for this huge share...Really Appriciate...
New mirror:

also see in the Backup Folder
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