Mutools MuLab Unlimited 2.0.2

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Mutools MuLab Unlimited 2.0.2
Mutools MuLab Unlimited 2.0.2 | Size 5.64 MB

MU.LAB is an alternative, state of the art software application for OSX and Windows, transforming your computer into a real music studio!
It does not overwhelm you with a complex feature set, in which you can get lost.

On the contrary, MU.LAB is a user-friendly yet rock-solid musical tool designed to create, finetune and play Your Music!

It's our intention to extent MU.LAB's functionalities in the future, but never by compromising on its ease of use or quality.

Regularly visit to check for new and improved versions of MU.LAB!

MU.LAB's core feature set:
Audio Recording & Playback
MIDI Recording & Playback
Flexible Composition & Sequence Editing
Supports Audio and MIDI VST Plugins
Powerful Audio and MIDI Plugin Routing (up to 100% modular if you want)
Integrated high quality synths, samplers and effects
High quality Audio Engine
Sample Accurate Sequencing
Available for OSX (Universal Binary) and Windows

Most music is composed by using several layers, called Tracks.

A track is a horizontal lane on which you can place musical parts arranged in time.

Arranging these tracks and parts into compositions is done in the Composer, cfr the above picture.

There are 2 types of parts: Audio File Parts and Sequence Parts.

An Audio File Part, or short: Audio Part, plays an audio file from your harddisk.

For each Audio Part, you can set the start location within that audio file. This can be done in the Audio Lab.

You can open the Audio Lab by double-clicking the Audio Part, or by pressing [Tab] or via the part's context menu (right-click).

A Sequence Part plays an Event (aka MIDI) Sequence, which is a sequence of events (e.g. Notes) that make up a melody, rhythm-groove, filter-sweep etc...

Each Part can be routed to a Target, for example a Rack with a virtual synth, which turns the received events into real sound.

You can set the Target for a Part via the Part Property Panel at the top right of MU.LAB's main window.

You can also define a single Target for a full track so that all parts on that track send their output to that common Track Target.

The Sequences themselves can be edited in the Key Editor and List Editor, by double-clicking or right-clicking the Sequence Part, or by pressing [Tab].

Most of the time, you'll use Racks as Targets for the parts in your composition. A Rack is a collection of plugins that process your audio and events and route it to an output.

All of these objects (i.e. Compositions, Parts, Sequences, Racks, etc...) are part of a Session. Note that you can have more than 1 Composition in a Session.

To finish this brief overview: At the top of the screen you'll find 3 panels: The Main Menu, the Transport Panel and the Part Property Panel.

The Main Menu contains 3 menus to access application-wide functions like "Open Session" and "MIDI Setup" etc...

The Transport Panel lets you start and stop the sequencer, start recording, set the tempo and so on.

The Part Property Panel shows/edits which Target is used for a certain part, which Audio File or Sequence it plays, etc...

Last but not least: Note that a lot of MU.LAB's functionality is located in the context menus which popup when you Right-Click the relevant object!

System Requirements:
Windows NT, 2K, XP, Vista. + ASIO driver!
Apple: OSX 10.4 or higher
Powerful CPU
Graphics resolution 1024 x 768 or better
Good soundcard with good driver

Program is full version 100% working and tested.


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