Metallica Through the Never 2013 LIMITED 720p BluRay x264-VETO

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  • Blackened Recordings present Bluray Metallica: Through The Never

    Source: BluRay
    Video: mkv x264 1280x528 5240kbps / 1920x800 8622kbps
    Audio: EN DTS @ 1510kbps 93 min

    A young Metallica roadie is sent on an urgent mission that turns into an adventure, while the band performs its most iconic songs during a sold-out arena show.

    Starring: Dane DeHaan, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo
    Director: Nimród Antal


    Robbie Williams One Night At The Palladium 2013 720p MBluRay x264-TREBLE

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    Music Bluray
    [DTS] @ 1510kbps
    [x264] @ 4312kbps [1280x720]
    Date: 2013/12/11
    Pop 80min


    Join Robbie Williams as he takes over the prestigious London Palladium for a spectacular live show, featuring a collection of swing classics and songs from his new album ‘Swings Both Ways’. This special one-off performance sees Robbie return to one of his favourite eras in music, accompanied by a full orchestra and some very special guests including Rufus Wainwright, Lily Allen and Muppets Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog

    Pink The Truth About Love Tour Live From Melbourne 2013 BONUS 720p MBluRay x264-LOUNGE

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    P!NK: The Truth About Love Tour - Live From Melbourne (Bonus)
    Dez05|2013 (heaven) * Nov25|2013 (hell)
    pop rock * r&b * pop (incl. cover)
    00:31:50 * 1920x1080 * 23.976 @ 9190 * AC3 2.0 @ 640

    The Truth About Tour
    A Day In The Life Of Rubix
    Slut Like You (Bluegrass Version)

    The Doors R-Evolution 2013 BONUS 720p 1080p MBluRay x264-LOUNGE

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    Bonus from Bluray

    Some Interview
    Mixxed With Videos
    + short movie

    Dez05|2013 (heaven)
    Dez03|2013 (hell)
    psychedelic rock * blues rock * acid rock (incl. cover)

    Muse Live At Rome Olympic 2013 PROPER 720p MBluRay x264-TREBLE

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    Muse: Live at Rome Olympic Stadium Bluray 720p and 1080p from scene group TREBLE

    Source: Music Bluray
    Date: 2013/11/30

    Audio: [DTS] @ 1510kbps 95min
    Video: [x264] @ 5026kbps [1280x720] / 8296kbps [1920x1280]

    COMMENT: AC3 on other groups rip... ours is 29,970 fps (like the original) vs. 23.976 fps

    Beyonce Live in Atlantic City 2013 720p MBluRay x264-FKKHD

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    Disc 2 of life is but a dream contains this concert

    release date: 2013-11-28
    format: mkv
    video: 1280x384
    audio: DTS 5.1 @ 1510 Kbps 65 mins
    source: Bluray

    Pink The Truth About Love Tour Live From Melbourne 2013 720p 1080p MBluRay x264-LiQUiD

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  • Pink: The Truth About Love Tour - Live From Melbourne Bluray

    Video: 1280x720 / 1920x1080
    Audio: AC3 5.1 (640) 01:50:31 (23.976)

    With over 140 shows in 13 countries around the globe, P!nk brings the sold-out show and amazing spectacle of "The Truth About Love Tour: Live From Melbourne" to ecstatic fans.

    The Doors R-Evolution 2013 REAL PROPER 720p MBluRay x264-LiQUiD

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  • The Doors: R-Evolution *PROPER* Blu-ray from scene group LiQUiD

    Video: 960x720 / 1440x1080
    DTS 5.1 (768) 01:17:23 (23.976)
    Subs: en es fr

    Combining early TV appearances with The Doors' own music films, R-Evolution illustrates how the band evolved from the constraints of mid-sixties television to a point where they had the creative input and power to shape how they were portrayed on screen. It's all in the title – the evolution of a band that helped revolutionize the way rock bands promote their art.

    Beyonce Life Is But a Dream 2013 720p 1080p MBluRay x264-FKKHD

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  • Beyoncé: Life is But a Dream / Live in Atlantic City Bluray

    format: mkv
    video: 1280x720 / 1920x1080
    audio: DTS 5.1 @ 1510 Kbps 86 mins
    source: Bluray

    Life Is But A Dream - A Film By Beyoncé Knowles
    The 16-time Grammy award winning singer, business woman, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, wife and mother offers a rare glimpse into the realities of life as a superstar. Life Is But a Dream sheds light on Beyoncé’s childhood in Houston, the intense physical and emotional demands of life in the studio, the commitment and hard work required as she prepares for live performances and the realities of running a business alongside family life. A mix of personal interview footage – some of it filmed by Beyoncé herself – home movies and stage performances, this feature-length documentary sees the star reflect on celebrity, the refuge she finds on stage, her joy at becoming a mother for the first time and her experiences of returning to the spotlight after the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

    Plan B The Grindhouse Tour Live 2013 720p 1080p MBluRay x264-FKKHD

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  • Plan B: The Grindhouse Tour Live at the O2 Bluray

    format: mkv
    video: 1280x544 / 1920x816
    audio: DTS 5.1 @ 1510 Kbps 73 mins
    source: Bluray

    Filmed at London's O2 Arena in February 2013, Plan B's The Grindhouse Tour captures a stunning live event that combines intense music performances with spectacular visuals. The show is split into two distinct parts with the first half focusing on the Defamation Of Strickland Banks album and the second half on the Ill Manors movie and album. Huge screens relay the visual elements of these musical stories whilst Plan B and the band deliver the songs from the stage. The connection between artist and audience is palpable with fans singing along to every word on the Strickland Banks songs and turning the O2 arena into a giant dancefloor during Ill Manors. This is a breathtaking show that every Plan B fan will want to own.