Muse - Absolution Tour Live At Glastonbury 2005 DVDISO

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P2P release for DVD Live At Glastonbury by Muse. They are a English Rock Alternative style.

Muse - Absolution Tour Live At Glastonbury 2005 DVDISO
Genre: Alternative Rock
Studio: Warner Music Vision
Run Time: 87 minutes
Quality: ISO


Firstly, before I begin this review, let me just share with you a nugget of stupidity from an obsessive in another review on this very site. Moaning in a slightly mindless fashion about where the DVD was primarily filmed he seethes:

"...and the the second night of Earl's Court, which I'm sorry but only Absolution Band Wagon jumpers attended, the real fans strived to get tickets on the 19th"

Ahem. Being one of these 'Absolution Band Wagon jumpers' as I am, I attended the concert at Earls Court on the 20th December 2004, mainly because the 19th sold out so quickly (I guess my inability to get tickets to a sold out concert somehow makes me an unfaithful fan and for this, I hang my head in shame) and I'm really rather glad I did, as it was in fact fantastic. It was universally acknowledged in both the music press and among people I have spoken to who attended both concerts as the better of the two nights. Oh well, what do I know - after all, I'm not a 'real' fan.

But enough of this commenting on other people's comments thing. I real reason I'm writing this is to say that despite people whinging, this DVD is well worth its price tag. Granted, it isn't quite as inventive as 'Hullabaloo' was, but the band have grown into ten or fifteen times the band they were in 2001. Vocals in particular are much better, which is saying something as Matt Bellamy's voice wasn't exactly bad to begin with - but it sounds so much more controlled and measured now.

Instrumentally the band are maturing into a truely incredible act: tight, perfect perfomances and just the right balance of changing up old tracks so they slide gracefully alongside the new.

Picture quality is fantastic for pretty much all the songs from Glastonbury, and the footage from Earls Court looks fab too. The sound is crisp and clear, which makes a pleasant change for an outside gig.

All in all, I can't really fault the quality of the songs on display here. The only reason I've marked it only four stars is the lack of extras aside from the bonus footage, and the exclusion of more live songs from the tour as a whole.

Size: 4.36Gb (iso)

01. Hysteria
02. New Born
03. Sing For Absolution
04. Muscle Museum
05. Apocalypse Please
06. Ruled By Secrecy
07. Sunburn
08. Butterflies And Hurricanes
09. Bliss
10. Time is Running Out
11. Plug in Baby
12. Blackout

01. Fury (Los Angeles)
02. The Small Print (Earls Court)
03. Stockholm Syndrome (Earls Court)
04. The Groove in The States (Cincinnati/San Diego)

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