MoleBox Virtualization Solution 4.3016

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MoleBox Virtualization Solution 4.3016

MoleBox Virtualization Solution 4.3016 | 4.89 Mb

Traditional software installation process frequently requires administrator privileges, includes installation and registration of many components, and takes minutes or even hours of time. Another application using different versions of the same components may corrupt your installation. Virtualization solves all these problems, making software portable and allowing it to run instantly, independent of user privileges.

When processing an application suite, MoleBox compresses and encrypts executable file, data and media files and DLLs. With MoleBox you can protect your application's data and media files from viewing and modifications, and your DLLs from being reused by third party programs.

Virtualization Features

* Bundling entire application suite into a single binary which runs with zero installation. Molebox processes all application files in order to create a single executable file which keeps the functionality of the original program and works without extracting packed files to the hard drive.
* Avoiding DLL hell and version conflicts. Molebox embeds DLLs and activex components into the EXE file, making sure that your application will always use the same DLL versions it was compiled with. No 3rd party program can harm your app's functionality, and vice versa.
* Using most ActiveX components without registration. You may pack ActiveX components just as common DLLs, and use them in your application without registration. Packed application does not modify the Windows registry on client PC. All the necessary information is extracted from the component file, and no extra information is required for correct processing of the ActiveX.
* Easy creation and delivery of updates, patches, add-ons, level packs. When you release an update to your software and the whole installation package would be huge, you can distribute a small package containing only new or/and modified files.

Protection Features

* Basic anti-crack protection. All packed files are encrypted making it harder to crack and decompile the application.
* Protecting DLLs from unauthorized use. Molebox hides embedded DLLs and protects them from being reused by 3rd party software.
* Protecting media and data files from prying eyes. Games and multimedia presentations often include a lot of exclusive content: 3D models, textures, 2D images, custom fonts, photos, sound effects and music files. Obviously, you wouldn't like if someone else will use your media files. After moleboxing your game or presentation, these files cannot be viewed, extracted, modified or otherwise used by another person.
* Application integrity protection. Usage of the control sum ('CRC check') option will assure that your program and its data files were not modified or damaged.

System Requirements
MoleBox 9x processes native 32bit applications and supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP operating systems, Some applications will also run under Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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