Modern Family S05E22 REAL PROPER HDTV

TV Shows. May 11, 2014 by Anonymous.

BWB's "proper" has a glitch at 9m7s and a scroller from 37s to 1m13s exceeding the 30s limit and no colormatrix... Karma for such a pointless proper

These whole colormatrix and x264 rev nukes are getting out of hand... Nobody is going to proper, we sure as hell wont Enough is enough EthNet stop filling your nuke quota with these rubbish nukes one or two nukes to get the message across would have done it Now there's god knows how many nuked releases out there that no respectable group would proper

Just to be clear, this was a lame fucking proper and nuke to begin with The ONLY reason we're contributing to this stupidity is because sites are going to have this FLAWED release archived, there was nothing really wrong with the KILLERS rip, except for a minor audio bitrate issue

Apologies for not using a City source but we didn't have it captured this week, you can see a good example of the framerape at the start of the episode ABC has clearly sped it up
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