Music Studio 2.4.1 (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Mobile / PDA. February 17, 2014 at 11:00 by samura1.

Here's the latest cracked update of Music Studio for iOS. Compatible with iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.. Also make sure you check the device requirements before getting to this ultimate music production app..

Music Studio offers a complete music production environment for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch with features and a sound quality previously only known to desktop applications and expensive audio hardware.

XBMC Media Center Third Party Addon Pack 2.2.7 (MultiOS)

Multi-Media, MACOSX, Mobile / PDA. January 20, 2014 at 10:56 by samura1.

All addons have been updated to version 2.2.7,, Now for MultiOS options; Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Android and iOS.

XBMC Media Center is a multimedia control panel that you can use to seamlessly play video clips and audio tracks, as well as view pictures, while fully enjoying this experience. It can be easily handled, even by less experienced users. The interface of the application is slick and intuitive. Unfortunately, there is no option to exit full screen mode. In the main menu, you can navigate through videos, music, pictures, weather and programs.

Sygic Navigation 13.4.1 Complete for Android

Mobile / PDA. January 10, 2014 at 15:40 by samura1.

The latest version of Sygic: GPS Navigation & Maps as a complete package.. This is latest cracked update..

Sygic Navigation - Head-up display.. Navigation projected directly onto your windshield without additional accessories or devices. See all navigation instructions projected directly into your line of sight - the windshield. Keep your attention on the road and enjoy a safe & comfortable drive at night. Sygic Head-up display is available as an add-on feature in Sygic GPS Navigation app, and works without any additional accessories or devices.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

Mobile / PDA. December 29, 2013 at 15:05 by samura1.

Advanced & Complete protection from Kaspersky Lab for your Android device!

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android delivers advanced anti-theft protection for smartphones and tablets, and keeps you completely protected from Internet threats when you’re online shopping, banking and social networking.

Android HD Apps & Games Collection 17/12/2013

Mobile / PDA. December 17, 2013 at 15:54 by samura1.

Here's a nice collection that include Android HD Apps & Games that've got my attention lately. Clearly, everyone has a different sense of the apps and games, however I've tried these on Samsung Galaxy S4 and I believe this is a good package.

Please keep in mind that you might need to get your Android device rooted for running some of the apps & games included!

Adobe Photoshop Touch for Phone 1.1.3

Mobile / PDA. November 5, 2013 at 21:57 by samura1.

Here's the hottest update of Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android phones.

Transform your images with core Photoshop features. Combine images, apply professional effects, and share results with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter — all from the convenience of your phone.

Edjing PRO DJ Premium Edition for Android 1.3.1

Mobile / PDA. September 28, 2013 at 18:19 by samura1.

Best App of the Year - AppAwards 2013 - Special launching price! ENJOY edjing Premium Edition (PE)..

The PE version natively includes:
- the Pre Cueing option so you can prepare your transitions in advance
- TK Filter (Convergent + Divergent) to play with the resonance frequencies of your music

FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS for iOS

Mobile / PDA. September 17, 2013 at 12:07 by Anonymous.

Okay this one is Free, currently only available on NZ iTunes so i better mirror them if you want to get it earlier, seriously this one is different from FIFA 13, NEW new touch controls ! i dont even know how to use it lol. Check it out

The game you love. The game you live for. WE ARE FIFA 14!

Perfectly Clear for Android 2.0.2

Mobile / PDA. July 23, 2013 at 21:21 by samura1.

Here's the new version of Perfectly Clear for Android devices.. New update fixes bugs and stability issues.

Perfectly Clear 2.0 has arrived, signaling an unprecedented expansion of your phone’s camera capabilities. We’ve combined powerful capture options like HDR, Panorama, Burst, and Portrait, with Perfectly Clear’s award-winning suite of intelligent auto-corrections, taking smartphone photography to a new level. All in a single app…powerful features in your pocket.

OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF & HD) 7.2.1276

Mobile / PDA. June 20, 2013 at 15:41 by samura1.

My favorite office application on Android.. OfficeSuite is the user's choice and best-selling app in mobile office solutions with over 15 million downloads and over 15,000 reviews on Google Play and Amazon.

A number of manufacturers such as Sony, Amazon, Coby, Alcatel, Archos, Barnes and Noble, Pandigital, Polaroid, ViewSonic, Kyocera, Kobo trusted MobiSystems and preloaded OfficeSuite on over 70 million devices worldwide.