Mining Money Online [WMV-WMV3]

Tutorial & e-learning. April 18, 2011 by Jolge.

Mining Money Online [WMV-WMV3] | 600 MB

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Mining Money Online is Tim and Steves "newbie guide" to making money online. This is the product where they really start from square one and explain each and every aspect of affiliate marketing. The method taught here in the videos, basically consists of creating affiliate sites (for free) and driving free traffic to them. Nothing groundbreaking in itself, although there are some interesting twists to the method. The training is very well structured, the videos manage to explain everything in a lot of detail while still being short and to the point and the method taught is just a great way to get started with online marketing and learn the ropes. This training course is pretty much outlined completely around "Bum Marketing". Although they speak of other ways. If your a newbie, you will be glad you snatched it.

A few things mentioned:

+Keyword Research

+How to find products

+Getting started with your website

+Optimizing your website(s)

+Understanding article marketing

A 7 day trial of Keyword Blueprint which was also created by Tim & Steve. Which I find to be a very useful tool. ;-)

All videos are in Windows Media Video format. You will need either Windows Media Player or VLC to play them. There is also an eBook at the end of the course. Fairly short. Nothing spectacular. Just helps ya if you need to refer back to something in the course.
Everything here is offered for free supposedly for a "limited time" on the website (listed above). I had already downloaded and organized all the files before Tim & Steve decided let the course go for free. Figured either way there would be someone that would at least appreciate a bit of the work that went into this. Anyway I have got all the videos from the site all neatly organized, named correctly, and snapshots for the curious people that might think they do not have everything.


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