MindSoft Utilities XP 9.80.2008.70 2008

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MindSoft Utilities XP 9.80.2008.70 2008

Mindsoft Utilities XP - позволяют настроить работу операционной системы Windows XP. Программы позволяют очистить место на жестком диске ПК, дефрагментировать RAM и HDD, повысить стабильность работы компьютера, повысить скорость работы в Интернет. Также имеется множество других полезных возможностей.

Maintaining the optimum efficiency of your PC is not just our priority, but should be yours also. Mindsoft Utilities XP is designed entirely for that very same purpose. With 19 high performance utilities, MindSoft provides XP users the unique opportunity to pinpoint problems plaguing their computers and take remedial measures by themselves. With this unique experience, Mindsoft Utilities XP provides help every step of the way. Mindsoft Utilities XP can be used by computer professionals as well as amateurs that have limited knowledge of these types of tools. The interface allows for easy navigation and high efficiency.

You can speed your PC up in an spectacular way thanks to the new SPC techonology. Defrag your disk units in a short time. Analyze and repair your hard disks. Recover so much space that your hard disk will look like new. Avoid failures and accelerate your PC as if you had bought more RAM memory. Use the new ActiveMemory technology to make your system stable. Examine your computer like a real forensic. Locate and find solutions to the typical problems in your computer. Accelerate your Internet connection in an spectacular way thanks to IntelliPackages technology. Analyze and correct failures in your hard disks. Accelerate your favourite programs speed. Avoid failures in your PC. All this and much more in this new and awaited version of MindSoft Utilities for Windows XP.

Mindsoft Utilities:
- MindSoft Defrag. Optimize your hard disks with this powerful defragmentation tool.
- MindSoft FreeRAM. Increase your system performance by cleaning the content of your RAM.
- MindSoft Internet Optimizer. Boost and optimize the speed of your Internet connection with this program.
- MindSoft Maintenance. This program allows you to examine your system in search of problems, and to solve them.
- MindSoft Registry Cleaner. Safely scan and repair registry problems which are a cause of Windows errors and crashes.
- MindSoft Safe Registry. Backup the Registry and Restore it when Windows crashes.
- MindSoft Scandisk. Disk analysis and repair tool that checks your drives for errors and corrects any problems that it finds.
- MindSoft System Restore. Create restoration points making sure you will be able to go back when facing changes in your system.
- MindSoft CleanUp. CleanUp is an advanced hard disk cleaner able to erase useless files in a quick and useful way.
- MindSoft Uninstaller. Uninstaller is a tool created to help you maintain your installed programs.
- MindSoft Undelete. Undelete is an easy to use program that allows you recover deleted files from your hard drives.
- MindSoft Wipe. Erase files and folders in a definitive and secure way. You won?t be able to recover them.
- MindSoft Renamer. Batch rename your files in seconds with our powerful file renamer.
- MindSoft Shelter. Encrypt your files and folders to protect your most valuable information.
- MindSoft Split. Split any file into sections of any size and later reconstruct the sections to form the original file.
- MindSoft StarUp. Control which programs are starting automatically at Windows start up.
- MindSoft System Information. Check the exact elements your PC is made of, use the graphics to have complete control of your equipment.
- MindSoft Shutdown. Schedule hibernation, shut down, logoff, restart, etc. A simple program that will become a must for you.
- MindSoft 1-Click Optimization

Утилиты, вхоящие в данную программу:
» MindSoft Defrag - дефрагментация жесткого диска;
» MindSoft FreeRAM - оптимизация оперативной памяти компьютера;
» MindSoft Internet Optimizer - оптимизация интернет-соединения;
» MindSoft Maintenance - проверяет компьютер на наличие проблем и пытается разрешить их;
» MindSoft Registry Cleaner - безопасная чистка и оптимизация рееста;
» MindSoft Safe Registry - создание и восстановление резервной копии реестра;
» MindSoft Scandisk - проверка диска на наличие ошибок;
» MindSoft System Restore - создание "точки восстановления" системы;
» MindSoft CleanUp - чистка диска от ненужных файлов и прочего мусора;
» MindSoft Uninstaller - менеджер по удалению установленных программ;
» MindSoft Undelete - восстановление случайно удаленных файлов;
» MindSoft Wipe - удаление файлов и папок без возможности их восстановления;
» MindSoft Renamer - пакетное переименование файлов по различным шаблонам и правилам;
» MindSoft Shelter - шифрование файлов;
» MindSoft Shelter - разделение больших файлов на части;
» MindSoft StartUp - контроль за запускаемыми программами во время загрузки системы;
» MindSoft System Information - подробная информация о системе;
» MindSoft Shutdown - выключение и перезагрузка компьютера по расписанию;
» MindSoft 1-Click Optimization - оптимизация вашей системы за один клик.

Год выхода: 2008
ОС: Windows XP (Only)
Интерфейс: English
Размер: 18,1 Mb


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