Mike Fowler - No Gi Grappling Made Easy

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Mike Fowler - No Gi Grappling Made Easy

Mike Fowler - No Gi Grappling Made Easy
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Disc 1
Escapes from the Brabo/Darce choke.
Escapes from head and arm choke (guard).
Heel hook escapes
Toe-heel foot lock escapes
Avoiding the guillotine during takedowns
Escape from noth-south
Escape from the figure 4 back-control
Escape from knee on belly

Escape for a double-cross armbar, 2 arm arm-bar
2 head-lock escapes: both from kesa gatame (judo side control)
Counters/passes to X-guard
Escape from the lockdown: this counter is an escape and a submission
Closed guard pass
2 Good Take-downs for competition, from the clinch, No-Gi Harai-Goshi and a spinning take-down
Guard Sweeps: Basic Butterfly sweep
Sneaky head arm choke from cross sides
Technical details of the omoplata
Escape from the reverse triangle
Counter/stop the double-leg stack guard pass
Disc 2
Details and concepts when passing guard
Catching submissions: in the transition or from a strong position
General strategies when working from the guard
Key principals and overview of Mike's half-guard game
Half-guard, underhooks and the Brabo chokes
How to maintain the mount
Methods to maintain side-control
Key elements to working open Guard in No-Gi
Additional No-Gi open guard control concepts
Disc 3
Mount gameplan
Mike's favorite guard attacks, flow of guard attacks: great triangle tips, grips and more
Opening the guard of retarded strong players who just hold you in the guard
Stopping the knee-cut pass from bottom guard
Submissions from top halfguard
Mike's half-guard game from bottom: he starts from the worst case scenario, opp has underhook, strong cross face and your flattened out.
Escapes from back when choke is in.
Submissions from inside closed guard
Disc 4
Triangle escapes
Armbar escape from closed guard
Knee-bar escape
fully sunk rear naked choke escape
Guillotine escape from guard
Anaconda choke escape
Escape Kimura from closed guard, cross-sides
Escape straight ankle-lock
Escape omoplata and counter to submission
Escape Americana
Escapes from side-control: beautiful escape to reversal.
Escapes from mount
Escape from inverted heel hook
Counter to knee-cut pass
..more details on the knee cut pass, a sweep, body mechanics, the nuts and bolts of understanding jiu-jitsu, dissecting moves.
Fowler's high kimura setups from half-guard pass
Defending the guard
Fail safe guard pass?:Mike explains how no move is 100% and shows pass from closed guard
Disc 5
Principals and concepts of passing the guard
Grip fighting principals
Setups for basic submissions, details. half guard bottom underhook to Triangle, kimura from top.
Brabo choke from top half-guard, fine details
Killing the under-hooks from the top
How can basic moves work on high level competition: awesome armbar from closed guard details
Flow series: when going for a submission look for all attacks, like triangle switch to armbar or kimura and such.
Toe hold details
Main points of knee on belly/holding and escaping


Mike Fowler - No Gi Grappling Made Easy

Mike Fowler - No Gi Grappling Made Easy

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