MBR Regenerator 4.4 - The Professional Activation Fix Tool

Software, System Tools. September 5, 2011 by Muawia.
MBR Regenerator 4.4 - The Professional Activation Fix Tool
MBR Regenerator 4.4 - The Professional Activation Fix Tool | 6.44 MB

The Advanced Technology to repair all corrupted system files. MBR Regenerator is a simple way to recover your activation system, Multiple loaders, and patches on the system, prevent programs like loader work, leaving messages, not the original Windows constantly appearing. This is program doesn't replace the function of a loader, or similar, it is not an activator, only clean the system for the installation of a new activation method.

Key Features
* The Master Boot Record (MBR), is restored to its original state, preventing any loader inject slic and cause conflicts with other programs, preventing the proper activation
* The system is reset, a new trial key compatible is installed, then return untouched on the system32
* Loaders who inject SLIC will be permanently deleted, allowing a clean install of another loader (note with Slic Toolkit)
* If you lose power / reset, while sfc is running, no files are corrupted, and your system becomes partially regenerated, is recommended to run again on next boot
* WAT/KB971033, are restored completely to the original state, if you can not uninstall other methods of activations already installed

Engineer Map
- Saves activation backup in the C:\Activation Backup\Backup for new activation;
- Repairs and configures Windows activation services;
- Repairs .vbs file associations;
- Recovers and repairs main core windows files;
- Fully clean the hosts file, preserving entries already saved;
- Disable Slic Driver Injection, if installed;
- Rebuild MBR Boot Sector;
- Rebuild system activation;
- Uninstall Certificate, if installed;
- Installation of a trial key;
- Activate's the trial key;
- The system is reseted to 30 days;
- Fixes the bcdedit black desktop;
- Fixes black wallpaper bug on the registry;
- Fixes core permissions;
- Fixes KB971033 services before reboot, if installed;
- Runs the system file checker, it may take several minutes;
- After Reboot, reset the system again, for ensure;
- The system is started clean, untouched and trial.

Note: To restore your old activation, simply use the Advanced Tokens Manager v2.8, and put .exe in the "Activation Backup" paste, The program will identify it with no problems.

MBR Regenerator 4.4 - The Professional Activation Fix Tool

You Can Download Here :

Download Advanced Tokens Manager v2.8:

MBR Regenerator Compatibility
* Software based via Slic Driver Injection
- MBR Regenerator has been fixed the system
- Driver is deactivated, the injection is disabled
- Returned to trial after reboot

* All Popular Win7 Loaders
- MBR Regenerator has been fixed the system
- MBR Boot code has been rebuilded, the injection is disabled
- Returned to trial
- Succeeded in validation

* HAL 7600 v1.2, RemoveWAT v2.2.6, DeathWAT v3.2.1
- MBR Regenerator has been fixed the system
- Returned to trial
- Succeeded in validation

Operating System Compatibility
- Windows 7 Ultimate
- Windows 7 Ultimate E
- Windows 7 Ultimate N
- Windows 7 Professional
- Windows 7 Professional E
- Windows 7 Professional N
- Windows 7 Home Premium
- Windows 7 Home Premium E
- Windows 7 Home Premium N
- Windows 7 Home Basic
- Windows 7 Home Basic E
- Windows 7 Home Basic N
- Windows 7 Starter
- Windows 7 Starter E
- Windows 7 Starter N
- Windows 7 Enterprise
- Windows 7 Enterprise E
- Windows 7 Enterprise N
- Windows Embedded Standard 7

- Administrator account on windows
- Needed .NET Framework v3.5 installed
- Don't uninstall the programs that have impaired activation
- Compatible with any version of Windows 7

Kaspersky Antivirus / Internet Security is having problems with the MBR Regenerator, actions taken within the folder "Windows" are being denied!
If you see this warning, disable your antivirus and click continue.

Release log version v4.4
- Added "MUIREPAIR" module, 99% fixed slui activation blocks for modified MUI files, enabling forced instalation of the Key and Cert normally, activating system with success
- Optimized GUI and Interface response
- Removed activation backup module
- Totally fixed the GUI bugs
- Optimized main code
- Stable version

- Credits
MDL Forums - For supporting this project
Daz - Who gave me some great C++ tips that helped
dre022392 - For help with new scripts
w64bit - For GUI help
Copyright 2011 Josh Cell, All Rights Reserved.

Windows XP Users:
Please use Advanced Tokens Manager v2.6; it is the latest stable version compatible with Windows XP, Office 2010 Activation Backup only ... and it is also included in this torrent.


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