Making a Website using Free Web Hosting + Joomla!

Tutorial & e-learning. September 12, 2008 by CONFiG.

Making a Website using Free Web Hosting + Joomla!

If you want to build a website but you don’t have budget to buy a domain and webhosting, now you can try using Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL and cPanel support, a free domain, and this tutorial. I’ll show you how to make them all with Joomla.

Jika anda sangat tertarik untuk membuat sebuah website, tapi anda tidak punya dana untuk membangun sebuah website, maka yang perlu anda lakukan adalah: menggunakan layanan gratis Web Hosting yang support PHP dan MySQL, mencari nama domain gratis, dan panduan tutorial ini. Membuat Website gratis Dengan menggunakan Joomla.

I’ll write this tutorial in EN, (gw tulisnya pake bahasa Inggris ya biar semua bisa baca)
please note: im not gonna use Fantastico Autoinstaller to install joomla. Lets install joomla manually
biar sekalian belajar boss…

Oke lets start:

1. You need Free Web Hosting support with PHP, MySQL and cPanel. you can find this at signup there for free.

2. if you dont have ur own domain, u can choose free subdomain

3. now click on [ enter control panel ] link, you’ll see:
(Take a note your username and password coz we will need that to setting for SmartFTP)

4. Now you need SmartFTP and Joomla.
Download SmartFTP Here
Download Joomla here or mirror

5. ok now install SmartFTP and run it, and lets setting…

File -> New Remote Browser.

in Host Field type: (add ftp. before your web name)
username is your username
and password is your password u’ll see a root directory and public_html Folder.
open public_html Folder and delete default.php and readme.txt

6. now you already got joomla file (zip archive) extract it to folder and then drag them all to SmartFTP under public_html Folder. (Upload Speed depend on your internet upload speed ).

7. ok now open your web url, in this tutorial my url:
if nothing wrong with your joomla upload using SmartFTP, u’ll be redirect to is 1st step installing joomla: Choose Language, and next
2nd step is Pre-installation Check, and next
3rd step is License, and next
4th step is database
you need to create new database.
go to your 000webhost control panel at
enter your email and login, and choose action go to control panel.
navigate to » Software / Services and choose MySQL

make your own databse name and MySQL user (this case im using admin for database and for user name) and type a password, who user access database

and create database.
now you’ll see:

5th step is FTP configuration. you can just press next
6th step is main configuration.

you can enter your site name, email and admin password,
note: this admin password is for enter your joomla control panel, Please take a note!
and press install sample data (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR NEWBIE)

7 step is finish
You will not be able to proceed beyond this point until the installation directory has been removed. This is a security feature of Joomla!.

Your configuration file or directory is not writable or there was a problem creating the configuration file. You will have to upload the following code by hand. Click in the text area to highlight all of the code and then paste into a new text file. Name this file ‘configuration.php’ and upload it to your site root folder.
you need to delete Installation directory! i suggest u not to delete but rename, since delete sometimes takes some time, but rename is very fast,
just rename installation folder to installationX.

and Click in the text area to highlight all of the code and then paste into a new text file. Name this file ‘configuration.php’ and upload it to your site root folder.

ok its you can enter your control panel thru

and website thru



Download File

Here you can download files online. Unlimited access to all sources file with one click direct download link!
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  • [12-09-2008]
  • GNJ
  • [20 March 2009 15:49]
Dear sir,
Thanks for your kindness ! After i did as you said .I open this but this one let me remove the INSTALLATION DIRECTORY

And i did as above, rename the installation into installationX it show error! How should i do can you help me!

  • CONFiG
  • [20 March 2009 15:00]
in joomla package, the name is configuration.php-dist, rename to configuration.php or just delete -dist

CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

  • GNJ
  • [20 March 2009 14:54]
Dear sir i am not clear that you mean just copy and save as Name this file ‘configuration.php’ .
How to type for the text.