MAGIX Music Maker 15 Premium Edition Full

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MAGIX Music Maker 15 Premium Edition Full
MAGIX Music Maker 15 Premium Edition Full | 117.19 MB

Making music is easy; MAGIX Music Maker 15 offers the easiest start that you could imagine. You can look forward to hearing something very special – your own songs!

Everything you need to get going is included in this unique complete package: thousands of sounds, a mixer, effects, and practical videos to turn you into a pro in no time. No prior knowledge is required; you can get started right away.

Music Maker offers everything you need to make your own music:
• A massive sound archive featuring over 1,500 sounds and loops
• Ability to record on 64 audio and MIDI tracks
• Mixing console including effects, remix tools, and synthesizers
• Burn CDs in the official standard of music labels and the record industry

Music Maker 15 allows you to arrange your work quickly and easily. Thousands of current audio building blocks and effects from the studios of world renowned producers are waiting to be combined and transformed however you want. Integrate your own recordings or parts of your favorite music on up to 64 tracks. In a short time, your own musical creation will be ready – in CD quality.

• Cut and paste any sample or sound with just a mouse click
• Drag and drop any part of your composition to get the right sound
• Listen to individual tracks independently
• Design your mix with more space by distributing instruments in the stereo field via the panorama controls, and switch on effects with a click to make your mix even more interesting

MAGIX Music Maker 15 is also music recording software. You can also expand your sound archive with exactly the material that fits with your style by adding your own recordings. It's a simple interface for managing all of your sounds and loops.

Music Maker 15 - It's perfect for all of your musical styles:
• Rock - If you like rock, then you'll like this: So many guitars, so many realistic drum kits, vocals, and more! Uncompromising rock sound – another specialty of MAGIX Music Maker.
• Hip hop - Thanks to BeatBox 2, a ingenious drum machine, you have complete freedom to build your own drum tracks. There's also an extensive effects panel with bit reduction, vintage chorus, and other effects that every true hip hop production should have.
• Dance/Techno - MAGIX Music Maker 15 is great for helping you find your own club sound. Penetrating "4 to the floor" basses, energetic lead sequences, warm surface sounds, and drums for that special kick you can feel deep inside – the sounds in MAGIX Music Maker 15 are at home in any club.
• Country - Classical Western guitars? Plenty! MAGIX Music Maker 15 features an extensive instrument pool that will excite any country music fan.
• Soundtracks/Classical - Ever wanted to create great classical music like in Hollywood movies? No problem with MAGIX Music Maker.

Use the mixer to specify instrument volume for the perfect harmony and produce the perfect mix. Want the drums a little quieter? The bass a little louder? You're in total control of the sound! Helpful level displays indicate in real time if a track might be too loud.
Helpful functions support you while you mix your song: For example, you can use the solo function for every track to listen to the track alone, or you can use the "Mute" button to shut it off completely. Design your mix with more space by distributing instruments in the stereo field via the panorama controls and switch on effects with a click to make your mix even more interesting.

• Up to 64 channels
• Solo and mute buttons
• Control of panorama and volume
• 2 AUX sends and returns
• 2 slots for insert effects
• Master limiter
• Master effects rack

MAGIX Music Maker 15 provides you with a huge selection of exciting effects right from the start: Make your electric guitars sound really dirty with distortion effects, design more interesting bass sounds by adding an echo, make the drums in your hip hop productions tighter by adding the compressor effect, and put all of your instruments in any size virtual space with the reverb effect.
Combine any number of effects to specify the details for each sound. Thanks to numerous professional effects templates, you'll make the special sound of professional producers your own. The combination of professional effects and easy-to-understand functional elements will enable you to make really exciting songs – no matter what your skill level.

No matter whether you sing into the microphone, record instruments, import MP3s, or import songs from CDs, everything can easily be cut, remixed, edited, and enriched with multiple audio effects! And not only can you make audio recordings, you can also record MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) - simply connect the MIDI keyboard, select a track for the MIDI recording, and get started.

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