MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14 Deluxe d-version v9.0.2.0

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MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14 Deluxe d-version v9.0.2.0

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14 Deluxe d-version v9.0.2.0 // TE

With MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14, you can transfer LPs and other sound media quickly and easily to CD & DVD. In no time, your complete music collection can be perfectly digitized and securely archived. Enjoy your music again with crystal-clear sound – just like on a store-bought CD.

NEW: Step-by-step mode, Optimized effects technology, Info box with short videos, and much more......

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14 Deluxe d-version v9.0.2.0

Import & Record

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14 is your universal recorder for any medium; transfer your favorite records, tapes, and all other audio media quickly and in perfect quality. One click, and recording is on. If you record the entire LP or cassette, the beginning of each track will be automatically recognized. The advantage: Burned to CD, each track can be selected directly in your CD player.

NEW! Perfectly restored

There are many ways to optimize your recordings. You can decide yourself how much takes place automatically:

* At your command, your music can be perfectly optimized and noise-free – ready to be burned onto CD or DVD!
* If you would rather proceed step-by-step, various short videos & listening examples will guide you to the desired results.
* Full design freedom – every detail can be adjusted to your wishes. Includes useful templates for the fastest results.

NEW! Info box and more

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14 is very easy to use. Get the best results the first time you use the program by working with the helpful info boxes. The info boxes provide explanatory short vides and audio examples of various effects. In addition, you can activate further explanatory videos which instruct you on how to create perfect recordings. The clearly laid-out user interface helps you get oriented and never leaves you without help if you need it.

Experience the easiest start you can imagine.

NEW! Optimized effects

In MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14, many effects have been optimized even further, and the result is that noises like clicking and crackling on LP recordings can be filtered out even better!

Camera noises and ground wire droning can now be removed even more reliably – for perfect sound in your video recordings. In addition, audio distortions in recordings can be smoothed out better than ever.

Cut, edit, master

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14 is your complete audio solution. Use it to perfectly cut, copy, master, and edit all of your recordings in detail.

Do you play an instrument? MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14 can create finished productions that sound just like store-bought CDs from your solo recordings! Thanks to the easy handling, everything takes place as if by itself, and no prior experience is necessary!

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14 is also the first choice for hobby video makers for creating the video soundtracks that their movies deserve.

Burn & Export

To enjoy your complete music collection consisting of LPs, cassettes and other audio media digitally via your CD player, simply burn your recordings at the click of a button to CD & DVD.

If you like things to be compact, MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14 offers you an especially practical solution: Up to 100 hours of music can be burned to DVD in MP3 format!

With the help of the export function, you can experience your music collection on the go – on your cell phone or MP3 player!

Always informed

Whether LPs, cassettes or CDs: MAGIX Audio ID automatically fills in missing information like artist, title, etc. for all music recordings. This way, you know the artist performing on the tracks of all your old cassette recordings and their exact year – also ideal for the cell phone display and for the MP3 player.

ProAudio technology

Would you like to be able to enjoy your music collection exclusively in the best sound quality possible? MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14 is based on the high-end audio technology of Samplitude®, the professional standard in sound studios, radio stations, and TV stations all over the world. Your advantage: Pumping, crystal-clear sound in every recording.

Advanced functions

* Advanced functions
* Record web radio broadcasts
* Automatic recognition of song start
* Find the optimum volume for every music track automatically
* High-end, detailed audio editing with MAGIX Music Editor 2.0
* VoiceOver function: Turns down background music during voice-overs – perfect for podcasts


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