Luxor 4: Quest for the Afterlife (2008)

Games. November 18, 2008 by CONFiG.
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  • Luxor 4: Quest for the Afterlife (2008)

    Luxor 4: Quest for the Afterlife (2008)
    About LUXOR: Quest for the Afterlife | Premium Casual Games

    LUXOR, the #1-selling, action-puzzle game, blasts outside Egypt’s borders and onto the Silk Road. When the sacred artifacts of Queen Nefertiti are robbed, her earth-bound spirit calls upon you to find them so her eternal spirit can rise.

    Wielding the falcon-winged shooter of Horus, you choose your own path on an expansive journey out of Egypt. Propel marbles and make color matches of three or more to try to eliminate the chain of advancing spheres. Match certain spheres and power-ups and treasures drop down to enhance play. Chase thieves and collect artifacts along the way to solve the mystery of Queen Nefertiti.

    Your great adventure awaits in LUXOR: Quest for the Afterlife!

    * Never before seen game mode pits you against a challenging shooter
    * Venture out of Egypt to six exotic lands on your quest
    * Story with twists and turns narrated by Queen Nefertiti
    * Conquer all new achievements
    * Innovative new power-ups

    Luxor 4: Quest for the Afterlife (2008)

    Minimum System Requirements
    Windows PC:
    Windows 2000, XP, Vista
    Pentium 4 1.6Ghz Processor
    256MB RAM
    280MB Hard Disk Space
    DirectX 8.1 or higher


    (Size: 110 MB)

    Pre-Cr@cked by TIC-TAC
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    Download Trial + ADDON by the THETA (Recommended)

    DOWNLOAD TRIAL (Direct Download)(right click, save as) 108.71 MB
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    • [18-11-2008]
    • CONFiG
    • [18 November 2008 11:57]
    ups, that bad beer
    im gonna looking for TE Released, i know its over there but not found yet puyenk

    CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

    • pupil
    • [18 November 2008 11:54]
    the theta release crashed on level 2 (using laptop) lol2

    - the theta cr@cked version crashed on level 2
    - the uncr@cked (trial) version crashed on level 4 (city of memphis).

    guess the game it self still has issues with laptops (i suspected it related to laptops sound driver).

    gonna complain to mumbojumbo :)

    btw, great release. just don't play this game with laptop :)
    • CONFiG
    • [18 November 2008 11:14]
    im playing on PC smile
    not test on laptop feel

    CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

    • pupil
    • [18 November 2008 11:11]
    the point of my prev post. the crash only happens on notebooks (laptops). the crash didn't happen on desktop pc (even with different os).

    i read on other blog, that v1.1 fixed the issues with laptop (random crash, slowdown, etc).

    have you tried playing the theta release on laptop?
    • CONFiG
    • [18 November 2008 10:24]
    hmm, im testing on sp2 and sp3 only, cant comment about others OS, sorry
    im testing this THETA CR@CK, and work fine :)

    CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

    • pupil
    • [18 November 2008 10:19]
    i've redownloaded the tic-tac release, always crashed in memphis level.
    downloaded v1.1 from other source, same crash.

    i hove the theta release fix this issue.

    btw, the crash only happens in my winxp sp3 notebooks (crash in both notebooks). but it doesn't happen in my linux box (wine hosted) & my winxp sp3 desktop pc. weird eh?? :)
    everything just fine,very nice post...big thanks
    • CONFiG
    • [17 November 2008 23:08]
    this version is cr@cked version by tic-tac
    im gonna post THETA CR@Ck released, wait

    CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

    ups so..conclusion in progress just now download this
    • CONFiG
    • [10 November 2008 21:49]
    yes its modified installer, not original one, but its cracked, im using kis with latest update, its fine

    CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

    • pupil
    • [10 November 2008 21:45]
    indeed this is weird. if the download gets corrupted, the rar file shouldn't get extracted successfully. if the installer it self got corrupted, it shouldn't finished the install process at all. something must have modified the installer.

    i downloaded this game with my linux box, and both my XP notebooks are using up-to-date anti virus. so the probability this caused by a virus is slim.

    anyway, i think i'll pass. i'm too lazy for redownload. thanks for the reply :)
    • CONFiG
    • [10 November 2008 20:30]
    wow, how can this be different?
    i try to download again and install to clean OS, its still working

    mine is 652fd269e5849d7243a8b79b2c65c621 on installer

    and cbe8e6ff3079e07a533b0dea99303f66 on game
    C:\Program Files\Games\Luxor 4 Quest For The Afterlife\LuxorQuestForTheAfterlife.exe

    try to download again man

    CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

    • pupil
    • [10 November 2008 16:59]
    i've tried uninstalling & reintalling a couple of times with 2 different notebooks. i even tried installing it with my antivirus turned off (KIS 8 on first notebook & AVG on second notebook). can you verify the md5 checksum of the installer (Luxor 4 Quest For The Afterlife.exe)? mine is 5f03a574631947cc19cd95af3df2cf32
    • CONFiG
    • [10 November 2008 13:21]
    its wierd, i can see C:\Program Files\Games\Luxor 4 Quest For The Afterlife\LuxorQuestForTheAfterlife.exe

    have u reinstall again, cos its working fine with me

    CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

    • pupil
    • [10 November 2008 09:21]
    yes i see the shortcut both on the desktop & start menu. but those shortcuts lead to no where. and i checked the install folder, there's no executeable there.
    • CONFiG
    • [9 November 2008 23:12]
    after install, u didn't see Luxor 4 Quest For The Afterlife shortcut on ure desktop???

    please check again

    ALL is working fine, tested by me, CONFiG

    CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

    • pupil
    • [9 November 2008 23:08]
    there's no game executable after i downloaded & installed this game, only game data (sounds, etc) are present.