Loquendo Text to Speech 7.5.4 Multilingual

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Loquendo Text to Speech 7.5.4 Multilingual

Loquendo Text to Speech 7.5.4 Multilingual | 532 MB

Loquendo TTS software brings you truly natural sounding voices able to read any kind of dynamic data and prompts in your server-based, multimedia, embedded and multimodal voice applications. Loquendo is the very first company to bring expressive synthetic speech to the market: new, high-quality voices guarantee Loquendo's market leadership in quality, efficiency and portability as well as in pronunciation accuracy, natural timbre and intonation.

Loquendo is the only speech technology vendor that provides a complete product line guaranteeing the same wide range of high-quality voices and languages, and the same core engine for all these environments.

The Benefits For You...
Give your users the best available TTS technology for IVR (banking, government…), live news, accessing business documents, e-learning, entertainment, automotive telematics, email reading and any embedded application - there are no limits!
Loquendo's truly lifelike TTS means there's no need for costly, time-consuming pre-recording, and it enables the rapid deployment of vocal services that customers will love using.
Loquendo's voices are expressive, clear, natural and fluent: they have been enriched with a repertoire of "expressive cues" that allow for highly emotional pronunciation.

Two ways for creating your own audio files are available:

* Loquendo TTS Director – a complete development environment for creating your own voice prompts, tuning them and saving customizations.

* Loquendo TTS Voice Experience – designed in a games console style, this is a highly interactive and user friendly environment in which voice parameters can be easily and rapidly adjusted.

With all this at your disposal, you can get Loquendo TTS voices talking just the way you want them to!

A World of Languages & Voices...
Loquendo gives its customers expanded reach in today's global marketplace. Loquendo TTS is a rapidly growing family of expressive voices and personas from around the world.
Loquendo's research and highly efficient methods of development enable the rapid release of new, high-quality voices and languages, as well as customized voices to suit your corporate profile.
To discover more about Loquendo's latest TTS successes, visit our interactive TTS Demo page.

A Technological Leap...
Loquendo TTS delivers the highest levels of flexibility, scalability, performance and robustness; its multi-threaded, multi-process configuration supports deployment in any high performance software architecture, meeting all your business and technical requirements.

Loquendo TTS has highly performant algorithms and guarantees an extremely rapid response. The speech engine can synthesize different languages and voices simultaneously, switching between them at any time and on any channel. It is designed for use in any kind of voice application, including highly intensive TTS.

The Pronunciation Lexicon ensures that specialized vocabulary, abbreviations, acronyms and even regional pronunciation differences sound just as the developer intends them to. The characteristics of each voice (i.e. pitch, speaking rate and volume) can be fine tuned and fully controlled.
Special formats such as phone numbers, currencies and e-mail addresses can also be read correctly.

Loquendo TTS is available for Telephony, Multimedia and Embedded applications, guaranteeing the same wide range of high-quality voices and languages, all with the same core engine.

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