LOGINventory v4.

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LOGINventory v4.
LOGINventory v4. | 7.65 MB

LOGINventory allows you to conduct an inventory of your network of Windows, which has thousands of computers without having to install any additional software on client computers. This ensures you a timely overview of hardware and software used in your business - quickly and at any time. LOGINventory includes the following features: scanning a network scheduling, and a range of addresses, there is no need for installation or execution of programs on client computers, and may further queries from a logon script to the system (without a local installation of software); low loading the network allows to interact with WANs; MS - Jet or MS-SQL-Server database with a flexible structure, a standardized user interface in Microsoft Management Console Microsoft; flexible evaluation functions based on XML; integrated timeline showing the changes in configuration, and a lot more.

LOGINventory does not require installation of client software on remote computers. Of the new features - automatically scan the network for

pre-scheduling and scanning at the specified address range.Using the SNMP protocol in addition to the WMI offers an opportunity not only to the

inventory of computers that are running almost all versions of Windows, but the PC on which Nowell installed OS or Linux, modems, switches and

other network equipment.

Among the important features of the program - to save the information in the database MS-Jet, MS SQL 2000/2005, MSDE, Oracle 8/9/10, MySQL

or PostgreSQL. Its distinguishing feature is also a standard interface that is available in the Microsoft Management Console (in fact, LOGINventory

fully integrated administrative environment in Windows). Interestingly, there is the "time machine" (Time Machine) - the program stores the changes

in system configurations, and can provide access to the state corresponding to the specified date in the past.

Unfortunately, there is some important features - the crawler can not give the command to re-validate the computer (so-called "fast inventory) or the

computers selected in the interface data view. It is not allowed to manually add computers or devices in the database, and manually enter information

about their configuration, as well as enter information about the connected peripheral devices.

LOGINventory discovers and audits your network assets within minutes. This tool gets them all – wherever located.

* Fully automated hardware inventory & software inventory of all networked Windows clients + Linux and Mac OS
* Network scan within a few minutes only
* No additional installation of software clients on the workstations needed due to inventory via remote registry access and WMI
* Network inventory of peripheral devices like printers, switches, routers, hubs, etc.
* All retrieved information is displayed in the MMC or in the LOGINventory Webinterface
* No limit in computer or device quantity
* Fast scrutiny of each computer’s configuration
* Configurable custom reports
* Always free updates and support

* Agent-less inventory & discovery
* Network inventory via TCP/IP & SNMP
* Hardware inventory
* Software inventory
* Multiple database support
* History queries & time machine
* Short time to value
* Custom configuration of the PCUID




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