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"To be fair, I didn't find this security app effective at what it does.. It tends to flag too many things as malicious for me.."

Trojan Remover is designed specifically to disable/remove Malware without the user having to manually edit system files or the Registry. The program also removes the additional system modifications some Malware carries out which are ignored by some standard antivirus scanners.

Are you bombarded with popup ads, seeing new toolbars in your browser, is your home page changing to unwanted destinations or are you bombarded with irritating spam? Perhaps strange software loads on startup or your favorites have new entries that YOU DONT WANT. If So.. Your PC is most likely infected with adware, spyware, spybot, trojans or another internet parasite.

These programs have the ability to track your browsing habits and even steal such personal information as bank account numbers and passwords. Spyware has the power to install more parasites on your computer without your consent. Everything you do and everything you type is being recorded right now! Companies know what your interests are! Hackers will access your PC and do anything they wish. They can even steal your Identity and You would never be the wiser!

What is Loaris Trojan Remover?
Trojan Remover aids in the removal of Malware – Trojan Horses, Worms, Adware, Spyware – when standard anti-virus software either fails to detect them or fails to effectively eliminate them. Standard antivirus programs are good at detecting this Malware, but not always good at effectively removing it.

Windows Cleaning Toolkit virus (uninstall help)
Windows Cleaning Toolkit is a new rogue antispyware with the cruelest of the intentions. It is a real malware which users should immediately remove off their PCs. This is the guide explaining how to get rid of this malware.

How to remove Windows Expert Console fake antivirus?
Windows Expert Console virus is the rogue anti-malware tool today attacking the entire computer world. This malware has just few files and registry entries. But it would not allow you to remove it as easily as you want. The virus would block all your attempts to get rid of it with decent available anti-spyware tools. It would not allow you to launch them, saying that they are infected with some serious infection. The same report would be originated if you attempt to launch Task Manager or your browser to download reliable anti-virus for Windows Expert Console removal. In fact, this hoax blocks all Desktop of your computer.

Uninstall den.openpre.net (Removal Insructions)
Den.openpre.net is another popup which surely bothers many computer users these days. However, not many people today realize that its presence in your computer is caused sometimes by their personal actions. The chances are that this virus may come into your PC as a consequence of you installing some other program downloaded online from various resources.

Additional Tools:

• Reset Internet Explorer Home/Start/Search Page Settings
Some Malware programs make changes to the Internet Explorer Home, Start and Search Page settings in order to re-direct the web browser to different websites. This Utility will reset the Home/Start/Search pages to standard Defaults. You can then manually reset your Home Page to your website of choice (or leave it “blank”, the default).

• Reset HOSTS file
The Windows HOSTS file is a text file which stores website addresses. The file can be used to speed up access to websites you visit often – by equating the website name (e.g. microsoft.com) with its DNS address, the web browser can find the website more quickly as it does not have to query a DNS Name Server. Some Malware programs add entries to this file, to either deny access to websites (usually security-related or antivirus company websites), or to re-direct access to websites of their choosing.

• Reset Windows Update Policies
Some Malware programs attempt to prevent Windows Update from running, and inhibit access to resetting Windows Update by blanking out the Windows Update options on the Update configuration screen. This Utility will check the current Windows Update settings and correct them where necessary.


Install Notes:
1. Unpack and install Loaris Trojan Remover.
2. Copy the patcher to the default program dir. and apply it.
3. Run the included reg file to complete registration. That's it.

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