Liquid Story Binder XE v4.51

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Liquid Story Binder XE v4.51
Liquid Story Binder XE v4.51 | 5.48 MB

Liquid Story Binder XE is a uniquely designed word processor for professional and aspiring authors, poets, and novelists. Writing software for those who require the editing ability of a commercial text editor as well as a document tracking system. It is for those who want the freedom to create, outline and revise but are tired of losing track of their work

Word Processing for Novelists
Liquid Story Binder XE is specifically designed for fiction writing. XE includes all the standard features such as spell-checking, thesaurus, smart quotes, templates, font and paragraph styles -- everything you need to write your next great novel.

Chapter and Scene Based Writing
Liquid Story Binder XE can clean and combine many small documents into a single, font-unified manuscript. Use a Chapter Builder to quickly arrange complex scenes.

A Multimedia Organizer
Sort pictures into Galleries or Storyboards, quickly access custom MP3 playlists, even record yourself reading your latest chapter using a microphone.

Pick and Choose Flexible Features
Pick and choose the file types that work best for you. Liquid Story Binder never tells you how to write! Flexible file types allow you to use your imagination. Use a Dossier for characters, places or things, or a Builder to preserve important snippets.

Organize Your Novel
Create a Book folder and let Liquid Story Binder sort, search and combine your documents.

Create the Perfect Working Environment
Choose a color scheme that suits your writing style. Save window positions and open files for quick and easy access using Workspaces. Open dozens of windows simultaneously - or just a simple textbox centered in the screen.

Full Screen Editing
Even though Liquid Story Binder is packed with features, sometimes less is more. Liquid Story Binder XE offers full screen editing, a feature that removes all distractions including menus and title bars.

A Typewriter for your PC
The Liquid Story Binder Typewriter is the ultimate tool for distraction-free writing. Like a mechanical typewriter,
users are prevented from editing previously written text. There are no specific formatting options, no scrolling,
deleting, or revisions. The Typewriter tool doesn� even allow you to use the backspace key. It forces you to write, to move forward, to add new words. It halts the temptation to linger, revise, and correct. Turn Liquid Story Binder into a typewriter for your PC.

Advanced Outlining Tools
Timelines, Outlines, Mindmaps, Dossiers, Sequences and Storyboards. Liquid Story Binder XE provides the tools you need to plan your next great novel.

Liquid Story Binder XE Mindmaps allow you to visually link ideas together using lines and text. A mindmap is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea. Unlike many mindmapping applications, Liquid Story Binder XE does not use a rigid or pre-designed structure. Users can place items however they choose. Create item colonies, isolated from one another. Index items by color. Change item connections quickly and easily. Try using Mindmaps to create and organize family trees.

Liquid Story Binder XE allows you to create multiple Journals. Start a daily writing journal, or go back into the past to tell the story of a fictional character. Combine your Journal entries into a single manuscript.

Protect Your Work
For every Chapter, Liquid Story Binder XE creates a single, easy-to-access backup file. This backup file contains an entry for each day's changes. Liquid Story Binder XE also includes a complete book backup using ZIP compression.

Take Liquid Story Binder With You
Liquid Story Binder can be installed on a flash card or USB drive. Take your writing wherever you need to go. Use XE on a friend's computer, at school, or at work.

WordWeb Integration
Liquid Story Binder integrates with WordWeb. WordWeb is a quick and powerful international English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows. It can be used to look up words from almost any Windows program, showing definitions, synonyms and related words. There are also many proper nouns and usage examples.

Universal Search
Liquid Story Binder XE can search every Chapter, Note, Builder, Timeline, Storyboard, Outline, Dossier, Sequence and Backup for a single lost word or phrase. Can't remember where you wrote that important paragraph? Just use XE's Universal Search.

Repetition Visualizer
Liquid Story Binder XE's Repetition Visualizer allows you to find, at-a-glance, repetitive words and phrases.

Simple File Formats
Liquid Story Binder XE uses basic TXT, RTF, and ZIP file formats guaranteeing future access no matter what software you use.

Many Features in a Very Small Download
The Liquid Story Binder XE installation package is only 5MB in size!

Windows 7 and Vista Compatible
Liquid Story Binder is tested and developed on systems using Windows 7. Liquid Story Binder XE is also compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

Updates in Liquid Story Binder XE 4.51.
* Resources Enhancement
* Playlist New External Items Menu Enhancement
* Manuscript Builder Overhaul Enhancement
* Format Printing Overhaul Enhancement
* Transfer Files Tool Enhancement
* Countdown Timer Alarm Enhancement
* Word Goal Accomplishment Bell Enhancement
* Writing Activates Paused Timers Preference Enhancement
* Pause Timers While Planning Preference Enhancement
* Storyboard Multi-Item Selection Enhancement
* Storyboard Wrap Storyboard Items Preference Enhancement
* File Selection Dialog Search Enhancement
* File Selection Dialog Type Selection Enhancement
* Work Statistics Dialog Global Version and Global Session Word Count Change Enhancement
* Style Cleaner Basic Font and Paragraph Style Preservation Enhancement
* Typewriter Color Scheme Compatibility Preference Enhancement
* Dossier Caption Paste Glitch Fixed
* Formatting Change Menu Status Update Fix
* Full Screen Mode Change Focus Loss Fix
* Format for Print Header Footer Drop Down Reset Glitch Fixed
* Character Generator Display Glitch Fixed
* Reader 'Finished' Button Removal
* Building Related Word Count Inflation Glitch Fixed
* Timeline Fixed Column Editing Lock Fixed
* Work Log Current Day 'Change Word Count' Locked Glitch Fixed
* Maximize Toolbar Preference Caption Fixed

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