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LinkCollector PC it is a browser-independent bookmarks manager. Program can quickly and easily copy, synchronize bookmarks between latest web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox 2-3, Opera and Google Chrome) and create a own bookmarks database.

What you need the LinkCollector PC for:

• You can view and compare bookmarks between supported browsers simultaneously.
• Synchronize or exchange bookmarks by copying necessary links between your browsers.
• Your important bookmarks are stored in various browsers and you wish to store only the necessary bookmarks in own bookmarks base.

To get the best out of surfing the net, and visiting all kinds of web pages, it is vital to store addresses in browser bookmarks for subsequent retrieval. But sooner or later this leads to the accumulation of a huge number of bookmarks. These bookmarks can become difficult to manage and navigate through, while some web pages may no longer exist, which can turn the bookmark collection into a list of useless broken links! And if a person uses several browsers, it may become a problem to manage and bring together links stored in different browsers. Of course, it is possible to import bookmarks from one browser to another using built-in browser tools. However, this is very inconvenient because all links (both active and defunct) are imported, while the process is not visible and links have to be resorted or removed. If these problems are familiar and you want to find a solution, then LinkCollector PC is here to get rid of your headache!

With LinkCollector PC, bookmarks from different browsers can be easily and quickly combined, copied and synchronized. The program helps create identical bookmark collections in all browsers that can be used from a separate browser-independent bookmark database. And the most important thing is that the entire process is visible, which means that required links can be copied from one source to another. Each browser does not need to be run separately to view all bookmarks. The program runs independently of browsers and allows bookmarks to be viewed from all supported browsers simultaneously (if they are installed).

It is not only possible to create a bookmark collection from your browser bookmarks, but also by importing them from files (HTML, XML, URL), capturing links from the browser address field, or just dragging the necessary link from a web page to the program list. Checking internet addresses for availability and automatically deleting broken links will help you keep your bookmark database updated. Note that you can either check the entire list of addresses or only the selected ones.

• Copying bookmarks between browsers (Internet Explorer Favorites, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome)
• Capturing links from adress bar of a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla)
• Searching for duplicates
• Verifying internet adresses
• Import/Export bookmarks from/to HTML, XML, URL and LinkCollector file format
• Ten browsers are supported to open links (IE, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, SeaMonkey, Mozilla, Safari, K-Meleon, Maxthon, TheWorld)
• Moving into a program a '.url' files and a links from web page.

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista (win32)

Browsers support:
• Internet Explorer
• Firefox 2.x-3.x
• Opera
• Google Chrome


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