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Wrath of God

Structures of God and symbols of Satan face their post-apocalyptic fate. Churches around the world crumble in a world after people, while the devil's minions multiply. The controversial Shroud of Turin meets a surprising foe. A desert town abandoned for decades provides clues to earth's future.

Toxic Revenge

An horde of toxins and chemicals are unleashed in a world without people. Deadly gases turn lakes and rivers into acid. An abandoned town in America's heartland provides a glimpse into this dim future. Without man's help, Niagara Falls has a surprising fate.

Crypt of Civilization

In the post-apocalyptic world, man's mysterious relics meet very different fates, including those in a site in the U.S. called the "Crypt of Civilization". Other crypts, safes, and time capsules are exposed to new threats. An abandoned Mental Hospital in Connecticut offers clues regarding man's ability to preserve records. Can the military training given to Marine Corps dogs help them succeed in the wild?

Last Supper

The fate of man's world of food. Destructive forces turn supermarkets into breeding grounds for insects and rodents. Some foods last forever. Da Vinci's The Last Supper suffers due to an unusual paint ingredient. Some of man's agricultural staples succumb, while a surprising plant thrives. Exquisite restaurants atop of Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world, collapse.

Home Wrecked Homes

Examine the apocalyptic fate of every home in the world. Gas leaks turn suburbs into infernos; a famous castle is toppled by a hidden flaw. Paint causes some high-end homes to explode in flames. Houses fall from the world tallest apartments to the most crowded complexes.

Holiday Hell

In a post apocalyptic world, holiday treasures disappear: Fireworks factories erupt, Christmas tree farms grow out of control; real reindeer must adapt or die. Vacation icons fall, from high-end resorts and cruise ships, to roller coaster thrill ride. A Holiday Hell ensues.

Waves of Devastation

A massive force of water threatens everything man leaves behind. American cities faces a deluge from failed levees, famous paintings meet a tragic fate, and a unique feature of the Sydney Opera House's famous rooftop leads to its collapse.

Sky's the Limit

The apocalyptic devastation unfolds in the skies. History's most important planes are grounded in a life after people. Air Force One suffers an explosive malfunction. A devastating swarm of locusts returns to the Midwest, and mysterious cargo on the Cassini Satellite could change the universe.

Depths of Destruction

The world underground undergoes devastating changes in a Life After People. Geothermal power plants buckle under the strain of superheated steam. NORAD, America's former nuclear command center, comes under attack. An abandoned town is overrun by 400 million animals. 50-ton minerals grow unchecked in an abandoned mine.

Take Me To Your Leader

How will the White House fall in a Life After People? The greatest homes and monuments to the world's leaders are under attack. The White House, Monticello and Versailles are suffering different fates. The bodies of Mao Zedong and Ulysses S. Grant are shrouded in mystery. A toxic ex-Naval base decays in the legacy of the Hiroshima bomb. The President's dog must learn the ways of the wild.

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