Learn Joomla!, Install Joomla in localhost (OFFLINE)

Tutorial & e-learning. September 12, 2008 by CONFiG.
1. go to http://www.joomla.org/ and download joomla installer
[ choose the download button on the left (under Joomla 1.5) ]

ok, go and download Joomla_1.5.4-Stable-Full_Package.zip

save it to c:/ and extract (use winRaR)

2. Ok, now go to http://www.appservnetwork.com/ and download AppServ 2.5.10
There is new version but still beta on MySQL, version 2.5.10 is perfect :)

Save it and install Just follow the installation by clicking next until you found:

Write down your server name and email and leave the apache HTTP Port to 80. next

type your password, or just put 123456789 and click install.
click FINISH (check both start apache and Start MySQL)

3. NOW open your browser (IE or firefox), it’s up to you. type in “localhost” without quote, if succeed, u’ll see:

4. Copy the folder that u extract joomla installer to C:/appserv/www/

5. rename the folder Joomla_1.5.4-Stable-Full_Package to joomla

6. Now type in your browser url “localhost/joomla/” you’ll see:

7. Pre-installation Check, Just click next

8. License, next again :)

9. you’ll see Database configuration:

Host name: localhost
username: root
password: your password
database name: your new database
and click next

your ftp configuration, you can just past it by clicking next

Fill the required field:

If ure newbie like me , click install sample data



Go to C:\AppServ\www\joomla and delete installation folder [ just installation folder need to be delete]

after you delete installation folder, now you can accees your website http://localhost/joomla/
admin control panel http://localhost/joomla/administrator/ (sure you need your username and password u created formerly tru this tutorial step)

ok i think this is enough for today, any question, please wite in comment box, OK

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  • CONFiG
  • [23 January 2009 18:23]
this is only for localhost, but if u apply in hosting its quite same

this is my old stuff tutorial, and i found sollution for localhost i use xampp

CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

So, if we want to make in localhost, and how to hosting @000webhost ?.please, give me steps.
  • CONFiG
  • [3 January 2009 15:27]
well hmm, AppServ looks like not really good, you can use xampp

CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !

got this error after adding localhost/joomla/ to my browser

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\AppServ\www\joomla\libraries\joomla\filesystem\folder.ph
p on line 395

now what to do??