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Here's the new release of KooRaRoo Media, which is the next generation of media streaming software for home devices!

Enjoy your movies, music and photos on a wide range of devices with KooRaRoo Media DLNA server! KooRaRoo Mediaâ„¢ allows you to enjoy your movies, music and photos on a wide range of devices in your home, including modern TVs, Blu-Ray players (BDPs), games consoles (PS3 and XBox360), mobile tablets, smart phones and dedicated media players that support DLNA.

What Can KooRaRoo Media Organizer and DLNA Server Do?
- Use powerful, yet easy-to-use organizing features of KooRaRoo Media to create playlists that can be automatically populated with information from the files, making finding them on your device easy.
- Don't worry about file formats and codecs. If a file is not compatible with your device, KooRaRoo Media will automatically convert it on-the-fly.
- Connect to KooRaRoo Media from your device and play your files! You also have the ability to limit certain files and folders to be shown only on certain devices on your home network.

How Does KooRaRoo Media Work?
- Install KooRaRoo Media on your home computer (PC or laptop). Installation takes just a few seconds and doesn't require any additional downloads - it's all self-contained!
- Launch KooRaRoo Media and point it to folders or NAS drives where you keep your media files. Your files will be read and organized automatically within KooRaRoo's media library - the original files are never touched or modified.
- Go to your TV or other devices and enjoy! You will see KooRaRoo Media server appear in the DLNA or Media Player function on your device and you can start streaming straight away!

Why Choose KooRaRoo Media?
- Advanced organizing features, including hierarchical and metadata-based playlists that will allow you to organize your media collection in a way that suits you best.
- Smart automatic transcoding of files that are not compatible with your device will make sure that you can enjoy your media. You also can specify your preferred audio language and copy embedded subtitles.
- Comprehensive parental control allows you to specify content level that a certain device is allowed to receive. Files and folders that are above that rating will not appear on that device as if they don't exist.
- Burned-in and external subtitles support means that if your devices supports SRT, SMI or SUB subtitles you'll see them automatically, but if your devices don't support external subtitles you can still see them using KooRaRoo's subtitle burning feature that places subtitles (in your favorite font style, size and color) on top of your video.
- KooRaRoo Media doesn't use much memory and is incredibly fast. This means a smooth experience for you both on the PC and on your device when browsing large folders or playing files on multiple devices.
- KooRaRoo Media makes easy work of setting up a DLNA server. Setting up a media server or home server isn't for the faint-hearted! KooRaRoo Media is easy to setup and use , and more powerful than a basic DLNA server.

Supported Devices
All devices that support UPnP/DLNA, including TVs, Blu-Ray players (BDPs), AVRs, Home Theater systems (HTS), media players, tablets, smart phones and games consoles manufactured by: Alpha Systems, Amazon, Aperion, Apple, Archos, Asus, AVerMedia, Bang & Olufsen, Cambridge, Denon, DirecTV, Dish, D-Link, Dune, Eminent, Harman Kardon, Hitachi, Humax, LG, Linn, Logitech, Magnavox, Marantz, Micca, Microsoft, MX Media, Netgear, Olimsoft, Onkyo, OPPO, Panasonic, Persona, Philips, Pinnacle, Pioneer, Pivos, Popcorn Hour, Ranysoft, Reciva, Revo, Roberts Radio, Samsung, Seagate, Sharp, Sonos, Sony, Thomson, Topfield, Toshiba, Videoweb, Vizio, VLC, Western Digital (WD), Xtreamer and Yamaha. More devices are added all the time!

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