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The BestCrypt Data Encryption system provides the most comprehensive and easy-to-use secure data storage and access control facilities available.

BestCrypt allows encrypting data with many encryption algorithms (AES, Blowfish, Twofish, CAST and others). Every algorithm is implemented with the largest possible key size defined in the algorithm’s specification. BestCrypt v.8 can utilize LRW Encryption Mode, which is specially designed for applications working on disk sector level and more secure than other popular modes used earlier (like Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode).

The data stored on a BestCrypt disk is stored in the container file. A container is a file, so it is possible to backup a container, move or copy it to other disk (CD-ROM or network, for instance) and continue to access your encrypted data using BestCrypt.

Any free drive letter in the system may be used to mount and to open an encrypted file-container for access. As well, with BestCrypt v.8 you can mount file-container as a subfolder on NTFS disk. When the virtual disk is opened, you can read and write data as if it were a conventional removable disk.

BestCrypt version 8 provides users with a higher security level as well as with a set of new functions. Besides, there are several ways of encrypting data in version 8:
- Storing encrypted data in containers and accessing the data through virtual drives (as earlier versions of the software do);
- Encrypting set of files into a single compressed and, if needed, self-extracting archive (read more information in BCArchive article);
- Encrypting and accessing transparently whole Windows partitions/volumes (read more information in BestCrypt Volume Encryption article).

BestCrypt allows encrypting data with many encryption algorithms. Every algorithm is implemented with the largest possible key size defined in the algorithm’s specification:
- AES (Rijndael) – 256-bit key.
- Blowfish – 448-bit key.
- CAST – 128-bit key.
- GOST 28147-89 – 256-bit key.
- RC6 – 256-bit key.
- Serpent – 256-bit key.
- Triple-Des – 168-bit key.
- Twofish – 256-bit key.


Install Notes:
1. Start setup but do not install any licenses during setup
2. When setup is done do not reboot your computer yet
3. Use our keygen to patch BestCrypt.exe and generate a license file (note: keygen will generate the keyfile into same dir where you have used the patch)
4. Reboot
5. After reboot done Start "BestCrypt Control Panel" and use your license file when asked for registration.
6. All done.

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