iTMS Scrubber 2.5 Win and Mac

Software, Multi-Media. November 8, 2011 by Jason.
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  • This is a little tool to remove personal information from iTunes Music Store files. It uses AtomicParsley to remove all account-related atoms from your files.

    Simply extract the contents to a folder, copy in the album files you want to de-personalise (don't use your originals!) and run itms-scrubber. It will also extract the album art to a folder.jpg.

    v2.3a [win]
    Fixed a bug introduced in 2.3 where compilations would use the artist name from the first track for the artist folder rather than "Various Artists".

    v2.5 [win]
    Scrubs the new "ownr" atom.

    1.1a [mac]
    Fixed a bug in album art extraction.

    1.2 [mac]
    Scrubs the new "ownr" atom.

    Download File

    iTMS Scrubber 2.5 [Windows]

    iTMS Scrubber for Mac 1.2

    Here you can download files online. Unlimited access to all sources file with one click direct download link!
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    • [8-11-2011]
    There is a new "ownr" tag that gives the full name of the iTunes customer (extracted from your computer name on installation, I think). Luckily, the script is easy to edit. Just open itms-scrubber.cmd in Notepad or any plaintext editor, and on the 6th line next to all the other similar-looking tag commands, insert "--manualAtomRemove moov.udta.meta.ilst.ownr".
    • 8uu8
    • [25 April 2013 18:40]
    • op
    • [25 April 2013 18:39]
    This is a test
    there is such problem srub iTunes "video", but all mp4 audio is fine

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    • Gary RT
    • [12 March 2013 11:01]
    01 XIII_ The Conspiracy, Pt. 1.m4v
    02 XIII_ The Conspiracy, Pt. 2.m4v
    01 A Study In Pink.m4v

    First two files came up with a new dialogue box and the files are totally corrupted. The last one is fine and is indeed scrubbed.
    This needs to be addressed for this app to be viable.

    Req 4.1 - iTunes 64 Bit was run first.
    • adam shelton
    • [12 June 2012 13:34]
    okay this is what i am doing now!