Iron Man 3 2013 R6 HDScr LINE NoSUBS NoBLURS XViD AC3 HQ Hive-CM8

Movies. May 19, 2013 by Anonymous.

The best Iron Man 3 release so far. Its one complete movie now, all is in one file like seen in cinema.

Video: 3 different Chinese R6 720p versions including Smy/PDA
Audio: Unique-Goldenbears Line and Unknowns Line too thx to all involved in this final version

Video: 720x288 @bitrate 1700 2pass
Audio: English Line 2.0 Stereo
Sample: yes 2 included

well this nfo gonna be a bit longer..
I worked a week on this movie, i can tell you it was not funny, but the result is totally worth it.


the chinese source video was hidden well, i had an amazing hd source from day one which hasnt still surfaced yet, but it was subbed with 3 nice lines, makes it hard to watch, tried cropping didnt look good, so went to the trash

smy versions were nice but subbed too, found 3 different videos all same source but either watermarked to death or subbed inside the video. the blurred version was out too, found that all over the net, didnt like that either.

finally i found the source video totally unmarked but was done at wrong framerate, but it was jittering like crazy, tried everything to get it in shape no luck on it.

out of the blue i finally found another hd version that was done professionally, all 3 sublines were added below the hd video the highest sub was hardly touching the video at the bottom, so i only needed to crop 4 lines and no subs were visible anymore. thats the mainbody for my moviefile, but the video was watermarked on 8 spots.

so to get a perfect version i had no other choice than to replace the 8 watermark spots with unmarked video from the other hd versions.

complicated was piecing it together with a single resolution/framerate/brightness/contrast and colouring along with sharpness. while i was at it i also decided to insert the afterendcredits scene which came as single files from somewhere(thx for that too) into my video.


there were 2 lines out, uniques and unknowns
uniques line had more depth so i chose it.
but it was crackling all over, removing the crackles was easy only took me 4h
the distortions on the other hand arent fixable without drowning the voices, found them on 11 spots around 10secs each.
replaced them with unknowns line.
so mainbody is the cleaned uniques line, filled in with spots from unknown

after i had my complete video i had to sync audio to it, which wasnt easy either, i wanted to do the perfect video with lipsync audio. which i finally managed to do in one day.

The Result is great, looks like a dvdrip now, nothing is blurred,there are no white subs in it, only the yellow one which were already hardcoded in the r6 for translating english onscreen-text The audio is clear and retailish, and the afterendcredits bonus scene is within the mainvideo after the endcredits rollout

got very nice
This will do me till retail, and it looks perfect on 52" tv

PS: additional thx to Unique and all others involved i might have forgotten to mention


Sample1 Sample2

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