Inu no Eiga 2011 JAP DVDRip x264 AC3-zdzdz

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Inu no Eiga 2011 JAP DVDRip x264 AC3-zdzdz

Inu no Eiga 2011 JAP DVDRip x264 AC3-zdzdz

Japanese Ttle: 犬とあなたの物語 いぬのえいが
Romaji: Inu to Anata no Monogatari: Inu no Eiga

Year: 2011
Country: Japan
Director: Shunichi Nagasaki, Soichi Ishii, Hisashi Eto, Jun Kawanishi, Naoto Nakanishi, Yutaka Mizuochi
Screenwrieter: Ai Ota, Keita Yamada, Jun Kawanishi
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 88 min
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Japanese

Theatrical Release Date: January 22, 2011


"The Dog's Name (犬の名前)"
* Nao Omori - Ichiro Tadano
* Nanako Matsushima - Masato
* Maki Sakai
* Roi Hayashi
* Toshihiro Yashiba
* Ayumu Saito

"Akira! (あきら!)"
* Akira Nakao - Akira Nakao
* Haruna Kondo - waitress
* Haruka Minowa - waitress

"Visits to Dog Lovers (愛犬家をたずねて)"
* Keiko Horiuchi - Nashida
* Mariko Shinoda - Sudo
* Katsuhisa Namase - Miura
* Yoshiyuki Morishita
* Tomoaki Ogura - Suzuki

"Dog Nap"
* Masaaki Uchino - Detective Watanabe
* Naho Toda - Michiko
* Shingo Tsurumi - Shinichi Yanagita
* Kazuhiro Fujiwara

"Mother's Anxiety (お母さんは心配症)"
* Atsuko Takahata - Michiyo
* Chinami Suzuki
* Kenji Obayashi

"Vanilla Fragments (バニラのかけら)"
* Kie Kitano - Natsuko
* Mana Ashida
* Chiharu

Synopsis/ Plot:
* "The Dog's Name (犬の名前)"

Translator Ichiro Tadano (Nao Omori) decides not to have a dog. when he was young, he cared for a dog named Saba as if the dog was his younger brother, but the dog was killed in a car accident. His wife Masato (Nanako Matsushima) brings home a Labrador dog named Lucky to their new mansion to raise. Ichiro opposes the idea, but Masato insists they have the dog.
Lucky is a very smart dog. Lucky does not respond, unless people call his name. In the afternoons, Lucky stays with Ichiro after Masato goes out for work. Ichiro begins to open his mind to Lucky and eventually has a warm and strong relationship with Lucky, but then Ichiro gets sick. Because of Ichiro's illness the couple experiences hard times. Lucky is the one to save them.

* "Akira! (あきら!)"
An actor Akira Nakao (Akira Nakao) with an unhappy face is drinking coffee in a scenic open cafe. He acts like he is in a movie. Two waitress (Haruna Kondo, Haruka Minowa) are excited watching him, saying its better than TV. At that time, a woman's voice saying "Akira" echoes throughout the cafe.
The voice comes from a female customer sitting in the next table. The woman is upset at her dog Akira, because Akira does not listen to her. That brings unexpecting disaster to the actor Akira Nakao.

* "Visits to Dog Lovers (愛犬家をたずねて)"
A reporter covers dog-lovers all over Japan for the popular TV program "Visits to Dog Lovers". Today's guest is Sudo (Mariko Shinoda), who owns a smart dog. Sudo insists her dog Billy memorizes words and objects. Sudo is pointing at a panel of flower pictures and ask Billy "which one is a tulip?" At that time, Sudo does do something to make people surprised not Billy.
The reporter completes the awkward situation with a smile and goes to another mansion to cover another story. That person is Nashida (Keiko Horiuchi) who is obsessed with food for her dog. In the mansion, 4 chefs cook for her dog Catherine, but Catherine doesn't eat the food. It seems Catherine does not like the food. The chefs are bitterly disappointed and go back to the kitchen. The reporter asks Nashida what she will do with the dog food. Nashida says something that does not make sense.
The next dog lover the reporter covers is Miura (Katsuhisa Namase). Miura is obsessed about about his dog named John's picture. When the reporter looks at the picture she feels embarrassed. The dog in the picture is wrapped in bandage and plaster all over its body. The final episode of program includes the show's best guest Suzuki (Tomoaki Ogura) who likes walking with his pet.

* "Dog Nap"
A kidnapping case occurs. Shinichi Yanagita (Shingo Tsurumi) and his wife Michiko (Naho Toda) gives a photo to Detective Watanbe Masaaki Uchino) and his subordinates. In the picture there is a young girl holding a dog. At that time they receive a threatening call from a kidnapper. Under the urgent situation, the girl in the picture shows up. The dog in the picture is kidnapped not the girl.
Detective Watanabe's subordinates are about to leave, but Watanabe scolds them and decides to catch the kidnapper. Meanwhile at the kidnapper's place, the kidnapper is fascinated with the hostage. Two dog-lovers get involved and the case goes into a different direction.

* "Mother's Anxiety (お母さんは心配症)"
During her son's wedding reception, Michiyo (Atsuko Takahata) can't enjoy herself. She is worried sick about her dog Chocolate Kisses. Chocolate Kisses has never been alone ever before. What if Chocolate Kisses pushes a remote control and the temperature gets too hot. What if Chocolate Kisses opens a drawer with a knife in it? Her imagination goes wild.

* "Vanilla Fragments (バニラのかけら)"
When Natsuko (Kie Kitano) sees a dog in the park she can't stop crying. Last autumn, her dog Vanilla died. The dog in the park reminds Natsuko of Vanilla. Everyone says she should forget Vanilla but she can't. Natsuko then asks the dog owner to take a walk together and because of words imparted by the dog owner Natsuko can smile again.

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Aspect ratio: 1.875
Video Bitrate: 2199 kbps
Video Frame Rate: 23.976 fps
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Audio Bitrate: 192 kbps

Inu no Eiga 2011 JAP DVDRip x264 AC3-zdzdz

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