Infix Pro PDF Editor 4.22 Portable

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Infix Pro PDF Editor 4.22 Portable | 31.5 Mb

Infix is a PDF editor that works like a word processor. With search & replace, spell checking, reflow and rejustify, plus the features you would expect from a PDF editor such as object editing, document construction, security and much more. Most PDFs just contain fragments of sentences - a few words at a time. While other PDF editors restrict you to editing the pieces, Infix is the only program that lets you edit the whole thing the way you'd expect - just as you would in a Word Processor.
Even stories that flows across columns can be edited without problems. Simply tell Infix to treat the columns as if they were linked together and it will reflow across them - even across pages.

No other PDF editor comes close to Infix when it comes to dealing with text.

•Edit PDF like a Word Processor
•Make changes to paragraphs and columns of text
•Copy and paste graphics and text between PDFs
•Spell-check PDFs in 20+ languages
•Search & replace in long PDF documents
•Make corrections to hidden text in scanned OCR PDFs
•Use tabs, margins and indents controls for better layout.

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