Indigo Rose AutoPlay Media Studio v Retail *FOSI* + Rus v.2.5

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Indigo Rose AutoPlay Media Studio v Retail *FOSI* + Rus v.2.5 | 62.56 Mb

Indigo Rose AutoPlay Media Studio V Retail FOSI * * + Rus v.2.5 - Powerful visual package for fast and high quality to create autoplay menus, interactive presentations, multimedia applications and other software. The program will create all necessary files for startup and its GUI. User can only write the final project for an information carrier. Even with no programming experience, you can create your own custom software - with comparable features and performance to software products built by professional programmers using C + + / Java. AutoPlay Media Studio - basic platform for application development, offering a wide selection of options and support for most popular technologies. You seem to get their own software developer, working 24 hours a day. This utility has an intuitive interface and easy to learn.

Key features:
• The program includes ready-made templates to design a menu with a variety of buttons for launching programs, play sounds, print files, open Internet sites.
• You can also easily draw your project with the help of any content of your choice - music, video, flash-animation, text.
• Projects created with AutoPlay Media Studio, in no way inferior to professional products, designed for C + + / Java.
• An application created with AutoPlay Media Studio, at the final stage will be presented in the form of an object model. This model consists of a group of individual pages, similar to how it is implemented on Internet sites. On these pages you can place any objects (graphics, text, video, Flash, HTML, etc.).
• Any element of the project, whether an object or page, you can assign a specific action. The program provides hundreds of different actions that can be associated with objects.
• Expand the AutoPlay Media Studio is also using additional modules - plug-ins. With their help, you can automate some tasks that you perform in the program the most. For example, you can easily create animated menus, tree, database, and manage.
• Ability to create a Windows startup arbitrary shape using transparency masks. As such a mask can make graphics file formats. Jpg,. Bmp,. Png.
• Ability to write CD-R (CD-RW) from the program. The finished project can be presented as a self-extracting archive, or retained a separate folder on your hard drive.
• Built-in spell checker. This option works with objects Label, Paragraph, and Button. Full version contains a large number of plug-in dictionaries, which AutoPlay Media Studio makes spell checking while typing.
• User AutoPlay Media Studio additionally gains access to video presentations, professional elements of content, online-forum, round the clock technical support service and many other services.

AutoPlay Media Studio will help you create professional software, presentations, autorun CD / DVD ROMs and more by simply dragging, dropping and integrating your favorite media files such as MP3s, video, photos, and flash movies. It's just that easy. Then create powerful interactions between your media files and objects by selecting actions from a friendly script menu and publish your projects with a single click. AutoPlay Media Studio is the industry standard for creating professional interactive CD-ROM AutoPlay and AutoRun menu systems.

AutoPlay Media Studio Makes It Easy
With AutoPlay Media Studio it's easy to create your own interactive multimedia software. Even if you're not a "programmer", you'll be creating professional projects in no time. It's all done in a completely visual, drag-and-drop design environment. From images, text and music to video, drop-down lists and web content, you simply move things into place using your mouse.

Add Powerful Interactivity
With a built-in library of more than 250 easy to use actions, adding interactivity to your projects is a breeze. Whether you're a complete novice or a seasoned programmer used to working with Microsoft Visual Basic, Macromedia Director, Microsoft Visual C + + or Borland Delphi, you'll find that AutoPlay Media Studio 6.0 deserves a place in your toolbox. It's perfect for making autorun CD / DVD 's, software installer menus, electronic business cards, training material and just about any other interactive multimedia project you can think of!

Drag-and-Drop Development
Creating professional multimedia software can be both easy and fun, thanks to AutoPlay Media Studio 6.0. In fact, with our award winning WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) visual design environment, anyone can do it! Simply drag and drop your media content (text, photos, videos, Macromedia Flash, and much more) onto "pages" and then add interactivity with over 250 built-in actions. It couldn't be easier!

Interactive Objects
There are over a dozen different object types to choose from. Objects types include buttons, text labels, paragraph text, images, videos, Macromedia Flash, web browsers, hotspots, input fields, list boxes, drop-down lists, progress bars and tree controls. Each object includes a variety of events and is fully customizable.

Easy Publishing
AutoPlay Media Studio makes packaging up and distributing your finished project a snap. Whether you'd like to create a single-file executable for distribution by web download or email, or burn it to a CD / DVD data disc, it just takes a few clicks. You can even choose to publish to ISO CD / DVD images or to a hard drive folder for packing it up with an installer / setup builder.

Professional Templates
Choose from a variety of ready-to-use projects and then modify them to fit your needs. We include examples of software installer menus, electronic business cards, marketing brochures and many others. It's also easy to make your own project templates or to add-in templates made by others.

Easy to Learn
It couldn't be easier to create powerful multimedia applications. We've packed the software with wizards, tutorials, a user's guide, context sensitive help and much more. It's also backed up with world-class technical support options, online discussion groups, and video training lessons.

Content Gallery
We've included a ton of great content to get you started including background images, photos, abstracts, panels, bars, bullets, buttons, sound effects and even music files. Simply mix and match to put together a great looking project in no time.

Project Explorer
Get an overview of your project in one place. You can see all of the pages, events and objects in your project organized into a tree hierarchy. Double-click any item to edit its properties or right-click for common commands. It's a great way to see how everything is connected.

Release History
Feature: Added two new actions "File.SetPermissions" and "System.GetUserSID" that can be used to set file or folder permissions.
Feature: Added a new action called "Application.SetSysTrayTooltip" that allows you to set and optionally show the tooltip for the icon in the system tray.
Feature: Added an "On Mouse Wheel" event to pages and dialogs.
Feature: Added an "On Char" event to the Input object.
Feature: Added Mozilla Firefox Dependency detection script named "Firefox.det" to the distribution.
Fix: Fixed a bug where changing the text colour in a RichText object using the custom color option would change the colour of all of the text.
Fix: Fixed a bug where very long similar filenames would result in files being left out when building to an ISO image.
Fix: Fixed a bug where renaming ComboBox objects would not update script actions properly.
Fix: Fixed a bug where if there was more than one action on a line, it would not rename properly when renaming objects.
Fix: Made it so that the Application.Sleep action would block menu activations, right-clicks, and key presses.
Fix: Fixed a bug where the "On Audio" event was not firing correctly when an xButton had focus.
Fix: Fixed a bug where resizing objects that were positioned at 0,0 would sometimes fail to resize properly when the window was made smaller.
Fix: Made it so that the script pane would remember the position of the cursor for events per session.
Fix: Fixed a crash in the design that may occur on Windows seven relating to browsing the system.
Fix: Made it so that the RichText object properties dialog would use the RichText background colour at design time so that all colours of text would be visible.
Fix: Added syntax support to the code editor for new Lua 5.1 operators.
Fix: Fixed a bug where editing a page's transition settings via the property grid would not enable the save button.
Fix: Made it so that the runtime will attempt to use the small icon first before using a larger icon size when using a custom icon.
Fix: Updated the IRScriptEditor to version 2.0.1000 which contains Lua 5.1 syntax checking.
Fix: Made it so that the "ButtonFile" table value of the Button.GetProperties action, and the "ImageFilename" table value of the Application.GetPageProperties and Application.GetDialogProperties actions all return full paths to the image file instead of relative paths.
Fix: Fixed a bug where setting the text of a Label object orientated at 90 degrees would sometimes cause the label to "move" upwards.
Fix: Fixed a bug in the CheckListBox object where the background and text colors weren't working properly.
Fix: Made it so a disabled CheckListBox appears disabled at design time.
Fix: Fixed a bug where the script pane could cause a crash when opening the same project twice. Also fixed a few other possible cases related to this area.
Fix: Fixed some issues on the Project Layout dialog on Windows 7 including a New Folder button problem, rename functionality, selection and focus.
Fix: Added the ability to move files and folders within the File Layout dialog by holding the Shift key during a drag and drop operation.
Fix: Fixed a bug where the "Show Events" option on the Project Explorer pane was not always saving it's value.
Fix: Made it so the autocomplete tooltip can be dismissed by pressing cursor left, right, up, down, Home, End, or Esc.
Fix: Fixed a bug where the autocomplete tooltip wouldn't update to reflect the actual autocomplete text after editing the text under the cursor in such a way that different text would be autocompleted, eg after editing 'tr' to 'str' the tooltip now reads "String" as it should, instead of "Tree" as it would before.

Crack v.2.5 for AMS v.
adaptation to the new version, bug fixes, clarification of the language and enhanced translation
Made on the basis of AutoPlay Media Studio - FOSI

Program Information
Title: Indigo Rose AutoPlay Media Studio
Year: 2011
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: English / Russifier v.2.5 for AMS v.
Medicine: key
Size: 62.56 Mb

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