ID Data Wipe/Encrypt 3.5

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ID Data Wipe/Encrypt 3.5

ID Data Wipe/Encrypt 3.5 | 3.66 Mb

ID Data Encrypt is a high-priority security program, responsible for your computer real-time protection against hackers. It blocks access to unauthorized attempts to use your computer by making sure your computer stays safe from exposure to internal network attacks as well as external Internet ones.

ID Data Encrypt Main Features:
Encrypts files and folders
Decrypts encrypted files
Runs very quickly and efficiently
Uses reliable algorithms
Safely deletes or saves encrypted files

Detailed features:
Encrypts all of the files you wish to keep private. If you need to keep files, folders and even complete directory trees away from anybody else? eyes, you can safely encrypt those files, keeping them under a password secure system.

Retains a cryptographic library including the most reliable algorithms: Blowfish, Cast128, Gost, RC2, Rijndael and Twofish. ID Data Encrypt allows you to decide exactly how you want your data to be encrypted by providing a list with names and speed of each one of those algorithms.

Decrypts encrypted files by the use of the same algorithms. It preserves the original content of the files before encrypting and restores them completely with no data damage.

Extremely easy to use. ID Data Encrypt has a simple and convenient graphic interface, making it accessible for anyone to use. It also requires minimum space on your disk and runs fast and efficient by encrypting data in very shot time.

Preserves or deletes files after being encrypted. ID Data Encrypt gives you the possibility to maintain on your computer the files that have encrypted or you can safely and permanently remove to maintain your privacy.

Deletes or preserves encrypted files after they have been decrypted. You can still keep a sample of an encrypted file or folder on your computer even if you decrypted it.

Securely wipes files by the use of safe-delete technology and clears all tracks of where the file has been making it impossible for someone else to recover your deleted files.

ID Data Encrypt provides a list of logging files in order to keep a better history of files that have been encrypted or decrypted. You can review the history in search for files or folders that have been encrypted/ decrypted.

ID Data Wipe is a handy utility meant to safely erase files from your PC. It represents a Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP shell-extension and you can use it to permanently remove data, preventing it from being restored or accessed to by a third party.

ID Data Wipe Main Features:
Wipes data you want to permanently delete
Frees space by removing traces of deleted files
Permanently erases all deleted files
Cleans you Recycle Bin
Prevents deleted files from being restored

Detailed features:
ID Data Wipe has a wide range of features to choose from. You can have your files wipe-deleted, you can free-up space while deleting or even cleaning the Recycle Bin.

Offers the ?elete-wipe?option, letting you delete and wipe files and folders using a pop-up context menu in an Explorer Window.

Provides the possibility of gaining additional space on your disk by permanently removing deleted files. ID Data Wipe allows you to wipe traces of old deleted files, cleaning your disk of junk files.

Cleans automatically the Windows Swap files, when running the 'Wipe free disk space' command. ID Data Wipe will delete unnecessary old files that only take space on your computer and preventing it from running smoothly.

ID Data Wipe thoroughly cleans your Recycle Bin. It completely wipes its content, removing all traces of deleted old files.

Prevents deleted files from being restored by detecting any activity of the Windows ME 'System Restore' application. It disables it at your request avoiding restoration of deleted files and folders.

ID Data Wipe gives you the opportunity to check the folders?content before deciding upon deletion. It allows you to access them to better decide if you wish the permanent wipe.

ID Data Wipe is a simple, easy-to-run application, with a friendly graphic interface and requires minimum space on your disk to operate.

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