IceTheme Joomla Template

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IceTheme Joomla Template
IceTheme Joomla Template | 196 Mb

Description: 19 templates from icetheme. All of individual archives.

Year: 2009
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Tabletka: Not required

IT Factory
After the previous successful release of the marvelous IT Prestige template, on December we have keep an eye on our members advices and the result is IT Factory, a professional Joomla! template which hides it's power by bringing first the content in a clear and polished way but on the other hand having numerous and valuable features like enhanced module system, 9 available extensions, 6 available template styles and a grid-based design.
IT Factory can be perfect for any type of project that you might have, from blogs to business related sites as the overall layout is focused on usability giving breath to your users by serving information on the fly..

IT Prestige
As you may know IceTheme's mission is to provide usable and accessible Joomla Templates, which on the other hand we don't neglect the details by giving thought and time to every single template portion. With IT Prestige template we have created an advanced layout system which will give your users the pleasure to extract the content and find their information as fast as possible.

IT TheStore 2
After hours and hours designing, coding and testing we are proud to release one the most outstanding Joomla Templates on the market. IT TheStore 2 is build-in with the VirtueMart extension, which on the other hand is modified from the ground so that it can suit the overall beauty of the template. Among with the other VirtueMart features, you can see the IceCarousel and IceAccordion modules which are modified to provide the VirtueMart products in a dynamic way. Also the IceVMcart and IceVMcategories are two other modules to supplement the power of the VirtueMart extension. From the classic features for the IT TheStore 2 template you will find: six template styles, a new and enhanced IceSlideShow module, ajax search module, grid-based design and completely modified joomla articles/categories pages to provide better usability and accessibly.

IT ViewPoint
Joomla! is one of the most powerful and advanced, yet simple to use, Content Management System (CMS) around the world. The same is for our Templates! They all are build-in advanced conception models while maintaining simplicity in the layout and design, especially our September 09 Joomla Template - IT ViewPoint, which features an extremely polished design but on the other hand it maintains usability levels. With a first outlook on the design you will notice immediately that we have given attentions to the details. With the summarize of all the details is born the excessive IT ViewPoint template.
Among with this template we have worked on the IceSlideShow module which now is more accessible and more useful for your projects. Also, beside the modified IceSlideShow, ready for you is the new IceTwitter module which will display your tweets in a list view on directly on your website.

IT Sporty
Trying to always do our best, we have examining different types of designs for Joomla, which in return they all left impressed our members. For May they simply wanted a hot template, and IT Sporty was born. Making use of advanced design features like transparency, textures, extreme grid layout and lately Ajax our May template is one of highest quality and most beautiful Joomla template that we have ever put our hands on. As you can see from the Demo, the design variation is based on contrast which it makes perfect for any type of project that you might have. Also to make it more dynamic, all our Joomla modules are incorporated on the template. Your users surely will thank you for this template!

IT IceMag
IceTheme's mission is to provide the most astonishing Joomla Templates on the market while maintaining on the highest levels accessibility and usability features. With this in mind, the result is our August 09 Joomla Template - IT IceMag. As you can see from the Demo, we have token advantage from the white spaces and shadows, providing so an unique-looking layout which on the other hand will give your members the pleasure of browsing a professional website.
Nowadays everyone wants a custom looking website! IceTheme has thought for this to. With an amazing number of 6 template styles and 10 template headers, IT IceMag Joomla Template has the possibility to be your custom website within 5 minutes.
Relax yourself while knowing that your Joomla Template has all that are needed to maintain the professionalism up, thing which is made possible by the astonishing number of 6 available Joomla Modules. Also other custmozided and ready to use modules are the ajax search module, date module and weather module.
Nowadays everyone wants a custom looking website! IceTheme has thought for this to. With an amazing number of 6 template styles and 10 template headers, IT IceMag Joomla Template has the possibility to be your custom website within 5 minutes.

IT Cinema
For June we wanted to switch our design style from our previous Joomla Templates, in a way that you can have the possibility to get done any type of project that you might have, only with our template club.
The marvelous IT Cinema template is build-in a handsome dark interface underneath and is covered with transparent images, which on the other hand allow to have numerous template variations.
To get it short, we have enabled 10 different template styles and 15 pre-made textures ready for you and they can be changed with a mouse-click through the template manager. Another extremely powerful usability feature for a website is the loading-time. But IT Cinema is taking advantage from the GZIP compression technology and the images optimization to pass this task.

IT Veranda
Spring has not yet passed by so that we at IceTheme are not finished with our ideas... So with IT Veranda we have brought to you the fresh mint with the clean and clear design of this high quality Joomla template. IT Veranda's design is extremely focused on Accessibility and Usability and it makes perfect for any type of websites, especially for blogs and personal sites.

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