NEWS. May 1, 2010 by CONFiG.

howdy, we’re back and you see old article here, we lost latest database due to HDD corrupt, now restoring 2010-04-28, sorry for this sh*t, its beyond my control
all should be normal now, and i need to get some sleep, thanks

*my friend SCOUT-7 will help me re-post old CONFiG article tru google cache
*to our publisher, sorry about this you can repost if you want

regards, CONFiG
  • ting
  • [22 February 2011 09:17]
Lately I dowmloaded the movie VIRGIN1VIRGIN2 from your site but I need the password to open the rar files.

Would appreciate if you could help me out here.

Thanks for sharing though.

Best regards.
only that i can help, sorry man
some of your post cant befount on google cache :(
i'm sorry for this CONFig
If I can help u please tell to me
good luck
i help CONFiG coz he only post here and too bad if we missed his link :D

thanks man, i only can help to repost CONFiG article here

downloadbox twitter + google help me :D
Oops, repost done!!! and so tired ~,~.
@SCOUT-7: CONFig is pro uploader :D

CONFig is GOD :D
wow how u guys caan upload and write script so fast