Houdah Software SnipEdges 1.0.0

MACOSX. July 1, 2012 by samura1.

SnipEdges is a drag-and-drop snippet manager. It keeps frequently used bits of text, images, … readily available.

Houdah Software SnipEdges 1.0.0
Uses include: your signature, letterhead, commonly used phrases, … Snippets also work as file / folder templates. Create "empty" documents by dragging a file snippet to the Finder. Create folder hierarchies by dragging a folder snippet to the Finder.

Snippets stick to the edges of your screen. Create a snippet by dragging text, images, … to the left or right edges of you main screen. Use a snippet by dragging it to its target destination.

Using SnipEdges:
Is easy: drag-and-drop some text, an image, a file, … anything to the border of your main screen. SnipEdges will hold on to it in a snippet stuck to the edge of the screen.

To use a snippet, grab it and drag it to where you need it.

File snippets are special. Each time you drag one to the Finder, the referenced original file will be duplicated. SnipEdges thus allows you create new documents from templates. Right within the Finder. Such templates can be ready-made letters, invoices, …

This also works for folder structures. You may want to set up a specific folder structure for each of your clients, projects, … E.g. a subfolder for invoices, one for letters, one for meeting notes, … Just create the folder structure once and add it to SnipEdges. Now you can create a new instance of the the folder structure by just dragging the snippet to the Finder.

What is SnipEdges?
SnipEdges is a drag-and-drop snippet manager for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
Use it to keep frequently used bits of text, images, … at hand.

What kind of snippets can SnipEdges handle?
Just about anything you can drag and drop.
Frequent uses include: email signature, canned replies, …

File / folder snippets
File and folder snippets serve as template to create new "empty" file or folder hierarchies.
Each time you drag a file / folder snippet to the Finder, the file / folder referenced by the snippet is duplicated at the new location.
Caveat: SnipEdges only references the file / folder. The snippet will go stale if the files are moved or deleted.

System Requirements
SnipEdges requires Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.


Installation Notes:
- Unpack and use the included serial to register!

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