HOLISTIKS Amphiotik Synthesis v2.07

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HOLISTIKS Amphiotik Synthesis v2.07
HOLISTIKS Amphiotik Synthesis v2.07 | 14.1Mb

AMPHIOTIK SYNTHESIS is a powerful audio mixing and mastering system for professionals. It includes Stereo Panning and Binaural Synthesis, a 3D-Audio system based on HRTF, for the generation of binaural signals. It includes transaural audio (cross-talk cancellation), refelections modelling, reverberation, post equalization and more.

Stereo Panning
Support of stereo panning. Very useful also, for comparison reasons vs Binaural Processing.

Binaural Synthesis - Listening over Headphones
When listening over headphones, the sound image is actually externalized out of the head.

Binaural Synthesis - Listening over Loudspeakers: Transaural-Audio (Cross-Talk Cancellation system)
When listening over loudspeakers, standard stereo makes the sound come from between the two speakers in front of the listener. Transaural-Audio extends the sound field beyond the separation of the loudspeakers and the sound surrounds the listener. Arbitrary positioning of the loudspeakers is allowed in the horizontal plane.

Compilation / Export
Export of the processed signals to wave files.

Absorption (screen-shot)
Materials database: stores the appearance and the absorption coefficients of materials.

Post equalization
Programmable low and high frequency filters allow to adjust the desired "shape" of the sound.

Gain Control
The overall gain can be automatically adjusted through the Automatic Gain Control (AGC).

Almost every parameter of the virtual auditory environment can be adjusted in real-time.

Virtual Auditory Environment

Virtual Worlds
The virtual environment is represented by the means of 3D-Graphics. New "worlds" can be generated through predefined templates. The dimensions of the world and the materials of the surfaces can be freely adjusted.

Sound Field Model (SFM)
SFM is simulated by the means of Image Source Method (ISM) for the early reflections, in combination with reverberation algorithms for the simulation of the late part. Ultimate control over the sound field is allowed, by selecting the material, and thus the absorption coefficients, of each surface.

Virtual Sound Sources (VSS)
An unlimited number of virtual sound sources can dynamically be linked to the channels of the input sound files.

Positioning - 3D/2D View
Arbitrary positioning of the virtual sound sources (distance, azimuth and elevation) and virtual listener. This is easily accomplished through the 3D/2D View.


Individual HRTF (Head-Related-Transfer-Functions) support
AMPHIOTIK SYNTHESIS is shipped with with three sets of installable HRTFs based on data provided by a) CIAIR, Nagoya University, Japan, b) MIT Media Laboratory (HRTF Measurements of a KEMAR Dummy-Head Microphone, Bill Gardner and Keith Martin).
The format of the files containing the HRTF information is called ATHRTF (AMPHIOTIK TECHNOLOGY HRTF). Users have the capability to select different HRTFs for spatialization and cross-talk cancellation, a fact that furhter increases the flexibility of the program.

Load and save virtual environments and settings.

This tool enables the user to have an inner sight of the HRTF filters used in HOLISTIKS products.

Commercial use
Commercial use is allowed.


AMPHIOTIK SYNTHESIS is based on AMPHIOTIK TECHNOLOGY, which in turn is based on Binaural Technology. Binaural processing is based on HRTFs technique, a widely used method derived from the knowledge about perception of sounds by humans.

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